Dedicated to President Obama…. may tomorrow’s win continue the recovery efforts you have been engaged in during your first 4 years in office. Even though you walked into a White House that was a Hot Mess, you faced the road ahead bravely.

It all began with Cash for Clunkers and continued with the fall of several ruthless and cold dictators.

Some are being malicious, trying to down play what you’ve done, trying to slander your name, but many will not be swayed away.

Blessed be, Mr. President.


Life After Sandy: Images Of Hope And Recovery

Originally posted on News One:

sandy brooklyn photos
Members of the Coney Island Cathedral of Deliverance worship in a neighboring community center, Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012, in New York after their church and beach community were heavily damaged by Superstorm Sandy. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

A week has passed since Hurricane Sandy ripped through the east coast, leaving nearly 110 dead and 1.4 million without power (down from the peek of 8.4 million).

Much of New York City’s public transportation system and most New Jersey Transit services have been restored, though gas shortages continue to make commuting by car frustrating experience. Property damage is estimated in the billions of dollars.

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Though, people in the region are slowly picking up the pieces of their lives that were shattered during the hurricane, no matter how difficult. Below, NewsOne has compiled and arranged the most recent images of life throughout the region…

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