“fear” – [random thoughts by G.D. Grace]

You glare at me through a dismissive gaze, as if you have triumphed over me and my inadequacies, like you know me on some personal level.

Disquised as truth you size me up as though I were the most basic equasion, less than one and empty as zero.

From an underlying angle, you remind me of every uncertainty that has ever dared stand between me, my passion, and all my reasons for keeping the faith.

I suppose you’ll always try testing my courage, because it’s what you do.


(Random thoughts by g.d.grace)

Author G D Grace 10-2-13

“Surrender” random reflection by G. D. Grace

Ever feel as naked as an autumn tree, or as vulnerable as a baby bird with a peach fuzz of feathers? Are there moments when you sit quivering in a remote nest, surrounded by the vastness of a life calling you to fly?

During tonight’s meeting I sat astute, focusing on the testimonies being told, and I began to realize that less than a year ago I was standing at the beginning of a new life, ripe as low hanging fruit late spring.

The passing months have revealed a lot to me about the powers of faith and hope. Scattered in the mix was a self-discovery that assured me I was loved by a power greater than I ever fathomed.

When you understand just how important you are to this existence, you walk upon new plains and are renewed within.

Your new beginning awaits surrender.

Author G D Grace 10-2-13


“Surrender” by Swing Out Sister
From Grammy Nominated CD “It’s Better to Travel”

“That Place” – insight by G. D. Grace

That place where the spirit and soul dwell…
That place so divine and vast it emulates the power of the ocean…
That place where beauty profound soars high
That place were vulnerability is celebrated….
That place where all your dreams beam brightest…
That place that embraces love unconditionally…
That place within you that knows insurmountable passion…

That’s the place you must tap into to truly be free.


GD 8-17-2013

Trip Towards Your Double PP’s – insight by G. D. Grace

What once was a desolate plain of existence is now a lush life filled with joy and happiness. Though, not often, I encounter individuals from the past who instantly begin attacking the serenity that I’ve found.

I am thankful to be one of the fortunates who had the courage to step away from familiar people and places towards a better way of life.

In the moment may you find clarity and faith to walk away from adversity. Remember, misery loves company. Be sure footed stepping off that bus and transferring to another.

Take a trip towards your double P’s…

GD 8-17-2013


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Remembering Dr. Maya Angelou ———- April 4, 1928 – May 28, 2014


Yours was a light that beamed brightly in spit of all you endured in your early life.
You channeled adversity and negativity, spinning positive and wisdom from the dark shadows.
You made no excuses for your past, and in your vulnerability we saw ourselves lighter.

God chose you to be among the brightest who’ve passed along this great life highway.
He allowed his will to shine through your powerful words that connected all of us, we human.
Beyond a shadow of a doubt, you added more to this life just by being, and for that we were privy to your light.

As we celebrate your joy today, I am inspired about my own future walking my own path in this life,
and I pay homage to you and other’s like you for leaving breadcrumbs along the way for us to follow.

We will always love you, Dr. Maya Angelou

Author G D Grace 10-2-13

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More Will Be Revealed – by G. D. Grace

With my back against all that I leave behind, I stand upon new ground rich with possibility and fertile in prosperity. All of the mistakes and bad decisions seem to have been intentional in occurrence.

The loneliness and unfulfilled existence were mere buds that have now bloomed in radiant colors, and I feel more alive than I have ever felt.

Every wrong relationship I encountered now stands as examples of who I never was, and with this clean playing field I can see a clear shot that leads to fulfillment and success.

What I left behind mattered only in the lessons I learned, and I know without a doubt, more will be revealed.



A touch of grace 2014 LOGO 4-17-2014

“Rats” – an introspective by G. D. Grace

After the conversation with my friend, I thought about the final scene in the old fable, “The Pied Piper,” — the one where all the rats followed the powerful tune he played, and plummeted to their demise.

We all have the proverbial rat or rats in our lives, and to rid ourselves of them we must embrace our song, and play the hypnotic tune closest to heart and soul.

We all have that powerful song inside us.



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“Serenity Prayer edited” – 12 Steps to restored Sanity by Author G D Grace

Author G D Grace 10-2-13
I certainly know that I don’t own real-estate when it comes to trials & tribulations, nor am I one to wallow around in self-pity to long. Oh, I do a little wallowing, but I rise up and wash all the wet mud off before it dries, because you can’t dwell this earth with that amount of dried up dirt on your spirit.

I am grateful to be in a better place mentally and geographically. There are people I just had to let go, because there wasn’t any room for me in their lives, and I am okay with that — very okay with it. And so, the never-ending journey continues. I’ve got the ambition of a rattled Lion roaming the plains of the Serengeti.

It wasn’t easy reaching this level, getting my spirit tight with right, but the worse days now pale in comparison to those pre-July 24. It’s amazing how much ground you cover once you get all the BS off your back.

“….and the wisdom to know the difference….”

I live by that serenity prayer now….

I live by that serenity prayer now….


“I am motivated to live” – insight by Author G D Grace

Motivation. I am motivated to live, to be optimistic with every step I take. To take the good with the bad, to see the silver lining even during times of darkness. I know nothing of failure because every mistake is just a lesson learned. I look past, through, and beyond critical naysayers, knowing that their fears and insecurities are not mine.

I arrived on the heels of today, slightly apprehensive, but never resistant to progressive steps. I am the product of a vast love, one overwhelmingly incomparable. That love resides in me. If I touch one, one touches me. If I touch two, then two will touch me. I believe in beauty of this existence, as well as, the luminous spirit within me.

I am blessed!

Today was a great return to the grind!


GD 8-17-2013

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