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Jill Scott To Star In New Lifetime Movie ‘With This Ring’

Originally posted on 94.7 The WAVE:

Singer Jill Scott is a woman of many talents.  She doesn’t just sing, she is also an actress. In addition to her upcoming role in the James Brown biopic, Scott will also be starring in a brand new Lifetime movie entitled ‘With This Ring.’ According to, filming of the romantic comedy is scheduled to begin in August and is about three single best friends who make a promise to get married within the new year, after attending the wedding of a fourth friend on New Year’s Eve. Joining Scott in the movie are singer Eve and actress Regina Hall.

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The Potential of the Negative Vibe – introspective by G. D. Grace

The potential of the negative vibe is frightening. Given the right energy it has the potential of maiming the spiritual core beyond recognition. When allowed, it will corrupt the solidness of faith and shred confidence into unidentifiable pieces.

Walking among us are individuals with cancerous personalities and malignant minds; their very presence in our lives can become a terminal threat to happiness and joy.

Recognize them for who they are. If you feel a drop in the inner-climate of your being, become an expert MD and prescribe yourself a strong milligram of “Hit-The-Road,” and “Be Gone.”

Whatever you do, make sure you are being proactive in vaccinating yourself against the potential of the negative vibe…

Your mental serenity is what is at stake.


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Book Cover Release!!!

Originally posted on Tiffany's Scribbled Thoughts:

So, you, subscriber, you have made it. You are the best. You will now be awarded with my book cover!

and here is the cover



I’m so happy with it!

Thank you Pro eBook Covers! Thank you Fiverr! Very inexpensive.

So now, Here’s my timeline:

The contest has been moved back a week (SORRY! I forgot I was going to Vegas on the 5th! Kind of hard to announce a winner on the same day!) so it will officially begin on April 4th.

My book will be released…. APRIL 10th, 2014!

Exciting! Keep up with me on my Facebook Fan Page!

Stay tuned!

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Thank you for your kindness

Originally posted on lovelyseasonscomeandgo:

Cyclamen flowers
Cyclamen flowers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I want to say I appreciate and thank every person that takes the time to visit this blog and read my posts.

Thank you for your warm welcome and kindness.

Surely I am feeling the love. It is my prayer that I will be a blessing with all honesty while sharing my life and how it’s been changed and still under construction by God’s grace. Even if it’s just a little bit or a lot.

I am so grateful.  God bless, I love you bunches and sending out blessings, lots of joy, peace, happiness, best wishes and love to everyone.  Betty

Rochester….flowersMinnesota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Pharrell: 15 Songs You Might Not Know Pharrell Williams Produced

Originally posted on The Chicago Defender:


“Because I’m Happy … Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof … clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth.” Before I go any further in this article I have to give credit to my sister Stacie, who recognized this song as the global hit it would become back when it was first released last fall … YOU WERE SO RIGHT!

Okay, back to our guy Pharrell Williams.

You can’t turn on a radio, television or even tune into the NBA All-star Game or the Oscars without seeing or hearing Pharrell singing his hit song “Happy.” Originally released on the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack last year, “Happy” is currently sits at #1 on the Billboard 100 chart and was nominated for an Oscar (unfortunately it didn’t win). And it is featured on his (really good) second studio album titled G I R L that…

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6 Mysterious Airplane Disappearances in Aviation History

Originally posted on TIME:

The shocking disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has captured the attention of millions around the world as the search for the airplane and its passengers and crew continues. What happened to the flight’s 239 passengers and crew after the plane left Kuala Lumpur on Saturday? It is becoming an increasingly desperate question as the days pass.

But it’s hardly the first mystery of its kind. While it’s extremely rare that a flight simply vanishes with barely a trace, aviation history has seen its fair share of enigmatic disappearances and unfortunate flights that literally flew off the radar. Here are six of the half-solved and unsolved airline mysteries that kept investigators clueless for years.

Air France Flight 447: An Airbus A330 flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris plunged into the Atlantic Ocean in 2009, killing all 228 passengers and crew on board. But it took a full five…

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Oscars 2014: Pharrell (and his hat) get everyone dancing to ‘Happy’ — VIDEO

Originally posted on PopWatch:

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Pharrell’s hat made its first Oscars appearance when the musician glided onstage to perform the first song of the night, Despicable Me 2‘s “Happy.” But seeing the little star in the giant hat wasn’t even the highlight of the performance: Pharrell joined a group of very enthuasiastic dancing kids onstage for the performance and made his way off the stage to enlist some of the lady nominees to dance along with him. First was Lupita Nyong’o, who jumped up out of her seat and showed off some moves that made America swoon over her for the millionth time. Next came Meryl Streep, who shimmied away — she was only a few seats away from Jennifer Lawrence, who made one of those “please don’t pick me” faces and unfortunately for us didn’t get a turn, but Amy Adams did and it was…

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