“That Place” – insight by G. D. Grace

That place where the spirit and soul dwell…
That place so divine and vast it emulates the power of the ocean…
That place where beauty profound soars high
That place were vulnerability is celebrated….
That place where all your dreams beam brightest…
That place that embraces love unconditionally…
That place within you that knows insurmountable passion…

That’s the place you must tap into to truly be free.


GD 8-17-2013

Trip Towards Your Double PP’s – insight by G. D. Grace

What once was a desolate plain of existence is now a lush life filled with joy and happiness. Though, not often, I encounter individuals from the past who instantly begin attacking the serenity that I’ve found.

I am thankful to be one of the fortunates who had the courage to step away from familiar people and places towards a better way of life.

In the moment may you find clarity and faith to walk away from adversity. Remember, misery loves company. Be sure footed stepping off that bus and transferring to another.

Take a trip towards your double P’s…

GD 8-17-2013


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Remembering Dr. Maya Angelou ———- April 4, 1928 – May 28, 2014


Yours was a light that beamed brightly in spit of all you endured in your early life.
You channeled adversity and negativity, spinning positive and wisdom from the dark shadows.
You made no excuses for your past, and in your vulnerability we saw ourselves lighter.

God chose you to be among the brightest who’ve passed along this great life highway.
He allowed his will to shine through your powerful words that connected all of us, we human.
Beyond a shadow of a doubt, you added more to this life just by being, and for that we were privy to your light.

As we celebrate your joy today, I am inspired about my own future walking my own path in this life,
and I pay homage to you and other’s like you for leaving breadcrumbs along the way for us to follow.

We will always love you, Dr. Maya Angelou

Author G D Grace 10-2-13

Blog Talk Radio Producer/Host

Mighty Real: A Fabulous Sylvester Musical – Off-Broadway

Anthony Wayne PROMO 2-28-2014

Anthony Wayne & Kendrell Bowman who visited my show, A Touch of Grace, during season 4, are the masterminds behind the musical: Mighty Real: A Fabulous Sylvester Musical based on the life of the consummate entertainer the world knew as “Sylvester”

Here’s an update about the off-Broadway show:

****Centric TV EXCLUSIVE****

Sheryl Lee Ralph and the writers of Mighty Real: A Fabulous Sylvester Musical dish on the upcoming off-Broadway show about the late disco and dance singer Sylvester, promoting AIDS awareness in the community and more.

READ and watch a trailer of the show, HERE—> http://t.co/ytsU9E5bdf



The Potential of the Negative Vibe – introspective by G. D. Grace

The potential of the negative vibe is frightening. Given the right energy it has the potential of maiming the spiritual core beyond recognition. When allowed, it will corrupt the solidness of faith and shred confidence into unidentifiable pieces.

Walking among us are individuals with cancerous personalities and malignant minds; their very presence in our lives can become a terminal threat to happiness and joy.

Recognize them for who they are. If you feel a drop in the inner-climate of your being, become an expert MD and prescribe yourself a strong milligram of “Hit-The-Road,” and “Be Gone.”

Whatever you do, make sure you are being proactive in vaccinating yourself against the potential of the negative vibe…

Your mental serenity is what is at stake.


A touch of grace 2014 LOGO 4-17-2014

Ignorance Sells – introspective by actor Damion Omar Lee

From Sterling to Solange Knowles.
Same script…different roles!
Organized Confusion…M.E.D.I.A spells.
And as long as we buying
Ignorance sells!
Last week “Kidnapped School Girls” was the world’s headline
Now just another story pushed to the behind
Memes…Selfies: The New Weaponry?
The Revolution is now upload
Let’s scroll through it’s causalities.

Damion Hollyhood Lee 5 prefered


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