Oprah – Author, G. D. Grace reflects on the Chris and Lori Coble Story

Words cannot express how deeply touched I was by the remarkable story of courage as told by a father and a mother who lost all three of their beautiful children in a horrific automobile accident.  Their mother and her mother were riding in a mini-van, having spent a wonderful afternoon together when a big rig slammed into the back of them.  The mother suffered a concussion and her mother escaped this accident with a couple of broken ribs, but the children; Kyle, Katie, and Emma, all under the age of  six, who were riding in the back of the mini-van were not so lucky.

Because of the number of trauma cases in progress, the children were sent to individual hospitals.  The father raced to the hospital to be with the mother and while he was there he received two separate phone calls advising him that both of the little girls had expired.  They held onto hope, praying that, perhaps, the son would survive; however, it was not to be.  When he arrived at the hospital where their son was, he walked into the room and saw his little one laying there hooked up to life support, and the doctor explained to him that his son was brain dead.   With that news, arrangements were made so that the wife could be transported to the hospital where their son was, so that they could both say good-bye to him prior to him being removed from life support.

The home videos of the smiling children dressed in costumes, playing in the yard, hugging each other with broad grins on their faces assured me that they were, indeed, a happy family.  How could anyone go on after such a tragic loss?  They went on an explained how difficult it was to walk into the funeral home and see three-tiny caskets sitting silent, with the bodies of their children inside of them.

When the mother stated that she would go into their rooms and smell the linen on their beds, just to remember their scent I gasped, knowing that I could never feel the pain that these two courageous individuals experienced.  The wife’s mother was afraid for them, hoping that they wouldn’t try to take their own lives — and that’s when they stated that they had made a pact with one another, to not do something to themselves and leave the other behind.  It was such a compelling testimony of perseverance that I could not stop myself from doing a write up on such an inspiring story.

Then, just when I thought the story was over, they revealed their miracle;  almost one year from the date of their tragic loss, Lori gave birth to triplets (Ashley, Ellie, Jay), but get this, the sex of these babies were 2 female and 1 male — the same sexes of the previous children that they had lost.  .

I believe that there are, in fact, miracles that occur, reminding us that the spirit of God still reins supreme on this tiny, blue, beautiful globe. This story reaffirmed for me, that no matter what you’re going through, you must hold on, because you never know what new joys are waiting around the corner.

This is Author, G. D. Grace,

Be inspired, and never give up


Author G. D. Grace reserves all rights and reproduction without written permission is not permitted.  If found, legal action will be taken against the person(s) or company(s) that have cut or pasted (Plagiarized) any portion of this written document.  Author, G. D. Grace; Published © 2010 October




About G. D. Grace of California

After the release of his fifth self-published novel, “Ripped & Ready (season 3)” GD ramped up for a new endeavor in radio, and on September 2, 2010 his first #BlogTalkRadio show premiered. His first two guest were two literary colleagues from two different sides of the tracks — one a former prison inmate-hustler, single father, turned author — the other, an accredited teacher and single father first time author. The intense on-air climate of cultural differences on the show, at one point, became thick enough to slice with a butter knife, however, it was a very successful event. Despite the clash over marketing approaches both authors remained professional and the outcome was a highly entertaining and interesting show. The seasons that followed incorporated talent from all walks of creativity, so in addition to the authors, GD’s guest lineup included poets and recovering addicts, motivational speakers and entrepreneurs, filmmakers and professionals in sports training and health, and also established artists from highly successful television shows, as well as, NAACP & Grammy Winners. Many shows gave us an inside glimpse inside the lives of legends from Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Smokey Robinson, Ray Goodman & Brown, Bruce A. Hawes (extraordinary writer for the Sounds of Philadelphia), Gerald Alston of The Manhattans, The Delphonics, Howard Hewett, and Chris Jasper of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recognized Isley Brothers. Legends of literary Stanley Bennett Clay and James Earl Hardy also brought their distinct creative prowess to the show, as did professionals from the Broadway stage. GD’s show eventually caught the attention of World Media and through this friendship many of the legends mentioned above were tapped to be guests on the show. His friend, and often times, mentor, Wayne Barros became an influential part of the legacy that he was creating one show at time. His friendship, love, and direction helped enforce an inner-confidence in GD which allowed him to stretch his producing skills so the show would have an entertaining variety for the live listener and archive listeners. Between the two audience variations the show has been listened to by over 40,000 people. It has been successful beyond GD’s wildest dreams, and as Season 6 approaches, the adrenalin within him increases. He begins assembling the guest list next month in April 2015, and…
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2 Responses to Oprah – Author, G. D. Grace reflects on the Chris and Lori Coble Story

  1. Margaret A says:

    I caught this Oprah episode by chance also and had to explain to a fellow watcher that some people return to God earlier than others. I also want to know and avoid the make of that minivan, though nothing could survive the force of a big rig.

    • Someone watched this segment and got out of it that they returned to God? I’m a little confused b that part of the statement; and as far as the minivan make… yup, the impact has me wondering how anyone survived that accident. It was a riveting story of perseverance in the face of deep emotional distress…

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