“A Touch of Grace” Interview with Author & Humanitarian, Elaine Newkirk

A humanitarian is a selfless individual with warming arms that hold those in need of hope tightly.  Their hearts are touched by God’s very Grace, and in the center of their smile all that is divine can be seen.  This description of an Angel best defines an incredible writer who goes by the name of Elaine Newkirk.  She authored the heartwarming book, “The House With Dirt Walls“, and within her inspiring list of accomplishments she is also parent extraordinaire.  With one biological child, she also opened her home up to four pre-adoptive children (with disabilities).  Over the past ten years she has fostered sixty others in a quest to make lives better for youth in need.

Without a doubt, she is extraordinary.  In addition to her novel, she has also written 4 screen plays ( Two feature-length and two television sitcoms).    Her list of accomplishments also include Ordained Minister through The World Council of Independent Christian Churches, and a guest appearance on The Dr. Phil Show.

On Saturday, December 4th 2010 at 6:00pm PST and 9:00pm EST, “A Touch of Grace” has the honor of having her as a featured guest on the show, and as the producer and host of the show I will say with the utmost confidence; this is one hour that you definitely don’t want to miss.

YouTube “Dr. Phil” interview with the incredible Elaine Newkirk

Author, Elaine Newkirk Literary & Humanitarian Links

T. Y. M. E. Ministries:


Amazon Link for Elaine’s Novel: The House with Dirt Walls

Blog Radio Host, Author G. D. Grace

Call in number for the show: (347) -215-6245
A Touch of Grace Blog Talk Radio Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/author2beepa

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7 thoughts on ““A Touch of Grace” Interview with Author & Humanitarian, Elaine Newkirk

    1. Yes, they truly are to be… This was just a quick summary to promo the show — there is so much more she has accomplished…. I will write an in depth interview eventually … just wanted to give the listeners a snippet….

  1. I’m really glad to know this lady. Her spirit, drive, determination, and kindness is amazing! Always willing to give and help. Like Michael said I don’t know where she finds the time. This was a great interview.

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