“From Which Side My Bread is Buttered” (reflections of a writer) GD (11-3-2011)

Had an interesting discussion with someone close to me who is a very giving person, and I have evolved enough, spiritually, to be able to step outside myself  and see life through their eyes.

But before I continue this thought, let me say this….

There have been moments in life that almost destroyed my spirit because I used to allow other people and their opinions to determine how I would react to my own feelings.  I remember asking others what they thought I should do in this situation and that; almost asking permission to feel this way or that way.  The hardest, yet easiest part, was emerging from that shell of a person I used to be and step into this man I have become.

I was too afraid to step out and create my own waves because I was too frightened to fail.

Fears only cripple us when we allow them to.   Overcoming uncertainty and doubt occurs, only, when we allow ourselves to try out new experiences.

I have a sincere compassion for life, people, places, and things.

A built in respect for life as a whole.

For the most part, I have discovered that some people have their own agendas and have little regards for how their words and attitudes affect others.  I see it all the time when I’m driving on the road.  If they aren’t tail-gating, they are flipping you off as they speed past you in a lane designated for oncoming traffic.   I see it standing in line when they are engaged in a conversation with another person on the other end of the mobile phone, laughing loudly, cursing, not paying attention to anyone around them.   I see it in how they race through neighborhoods, running stop signs and barreling over speed bumps in the road — speed bumps designed to discourage speeding in areas populated with children & animals.

Endangering others with little regards for life…

until after something tragic happens.

The day I stepped outside of myself,  I understood how my reclusive behavior affected the most important people in my life.  I also learned how that reclusive behavior fed that hungry  monster of depression that had grown to epic proportions around me.

I couldn’t see anything or anyone else except me, and it drowned out any joy that life held for me.   Eventually, when that money ran out, I had to get back out in the world and face it head on without a crutch.  Many of the people who had dominated my life at one point in time were gone — some of them had ran their course in my life anyway.

As I encountered new people I was a different person.  I knew who I was as a person, so as I built new relationships I presented myself in a confident way — smiling constantly, and extremely grateful for having landed a job in this volatile economy.   As the days progressed in that new job, the joy I felt increased, for I was on a path that would allow me to distance myself from that shell I used to dwell in.

So, back to the reason why I decided to write this entry today…

People consumed with themselves and their own selfish needs tend to be emotional drains to the spirit.  It’s okay to love them, but it’s also okay to love them from a distance.  The ones that only come around when it’s convenient for them, who drain you mentally, financially, and emotionally — who are so immersed in some “no-win” situation in their lives are the ones that you have to treat with that proverbial “long-handled-spoon”.

I’m appalled whenever I hear how an individual can mistreat someone who has shown them nothing but love and care.

Point blank:  If a person can only see and care about themselves, then there is no way that they can see or care about you.

You see, I know from which side my bread is buttered, and I embrace and cherish those individuals who loved me when I had nothing — the ones I used to overlook and take for granted.

I’m grateful for all that life has revealed to me, and for being open enough to receive that lesson.

Oh well, that’s all for now…

Stay strong, and keep inspired….

Life is really what you make it…



(Reflections of a writer) GD


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3 Responses to “From Which Side My Bread is Buttered” (reflections of a writer) GD (11-3-2011)

  1. Sonja says:

    You never took me for granted. lol! You did however, need to find your own path, your own joy. We were friends from the very start. (And I mean the very start) I never tired of remembering the fun we had, it still brings a smile to my face, you taught me to dance. I am very pleased at the man that you have become and very thankful to call you my friend. Through joys and sorrows we have remained friends. What a blessing!!

    • (Big Smile) – You sure know how to bring a tear to my eyes, don’t you, dear friend. We’ve known each other every since “the-big-head” pictures of childhood, and have been blessed to still be in contact with each other in our later years of life — and that itself is a blessing all its own. I sure do miss seeing all of you every day. That has been the hardest part of all — because I thoroughly enjoyed working beside everybody there. I promise to visit soon (Hugs)

  2. I really appreciate this post. I’ve been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thx again!

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