After years of working with a public utility, I cannot believe the blessing I received when I was tapped and given an opportunity to labor in a field dedicated to higher education and health.  From AT&T to IKEA to Stanford, amazing people have unselfishly befriended and encouraged me, adding more meaning to this life I live.  Then there are the creative worlds of Entertainment & Literary which allows the G. D. Grace footprint to appear within and beyond the structured walls of public and private institutions.

Life’s struggles keep us humbled, and they strengthen our character.  Without a doubt, the human spirit comes, it lives, and then it transitions on.  What we do during the span of our lifetimes, no matter how long or short, inspires and touches the hearts and minds of everyone we encounter both negatively and positively.

I choose that latter.

Let your life matter and allow it to be filled with all the colors that existence offers.

Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams, for once you have unlocked the door that leads to your passion, life will never be the same.

Be incredible if you dare.

(reflections of a writer)


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