“Reality Show Bull$!%” (reflections of a writer) GD

I’m trying to understand what is learned from some of these reality shows that follow the lives of people who seem to resort to throwing blows as a way of getting their point across.  One thing for sure, getting up in somebody’s face and screaming at them will usually have a bad outcome.  I utilize my option to bypass the channel totally when this type of programming is presented.  Why sit and watch buffoonery at it’s best? It’s not that I think I’m better than anybody  but, really, with all of the illnesses, educational deficits, illiteracy challenges… etc…  Why occupy my mental and visual watching adults with communication deficits behaving badly?  I choose to walk to the beat of my own drum.

And these are the…

(reflections of a writer) GD

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2 thoughts on ““Reality Show Bull$!%” (reflections of a writer) GD

  1. I love reality shows… I don’t take anything from them except pure entertainment. I recently finished watching Mobwives. .I love the lifestyle they portray. Don’t take shit from no one… Just love watching other people’s lives to pass time! Strange? Yes. I also love to people watch in the mall. People’s behaviors and habits. Lifestyles and try to figure out what they’re thinking. It doens’t change my lifestly eand habits, just a curious person I guess!

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