A Novel’s Call (reflections of a writer) GD **8/1/2012*

As I slip into this 1st day of August in the year of 2012, I am both reflective and optimistic, remembering forks in the road I’ve taken unintentionally.  The decision to move, this time, occurred quickly.  The prior locale, the one I spent a little bit more than four years at, had deeper roots, but the last one’s roots were shallow.  When I drift off to sleep and awaken , it is peaceful.  Quite, finally.  No loud, obnoxious, inconsiderate shouting matches between two people deeply immersed in a dysfunctional relationship are occurring here.

On this fourth morning, I find myself thinking about the release of this next novel.  “Daddy” & “ICON” seem to be vying for my attention, and it appears that it’s “ICON” that is speaking the loudest.  After a long day at work, it swiftly pulls me into it’s letters, sentences, paragraphs, pages & chapters.  It is insistent and requires me to be persistent.  It pushes me closer towards completion each encounter, as if it knows it’s own destiny.


“ICON” is the very first one that has ever spoken to me, the only one that has ever been this demanding.

So, I press forward in to today, and know that, just like the last couple, it will be an extremely productive one.  I’m hoping destiny grants me the blessing of another day, another week, another month, and another year to see things through.  I feel in my heart that all the mistakes, bad decisions, and mediocre attempts I’ve made out of fear and a prior lack of self-confidence were part of the shaping of me.

All of us, as we age, are always being reshaped; either by that which we encounter, or by our internal desires to grow.

Living life vicariously, worshiping other talented spirits and their accomplished works isn’t part of my chemistry.  I admire them and am inspired by them.  They empower me to step out on faith to pursue my own.

Five self-published novels, and a blog talk radio show…

“ICON”, I hear you calling.

And these are the…

(reflections of a writer) GD

Author & Producer G D Grace

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