“ICON” the seventh excerpt from another Author G. D. Grace novel. (Release Date: TBD) *Adult Themes*

I am feeling a little generous with these excerpts. After reading this one, I felt it didn’t release too much of the plot, so I decided to share another one. Enjoy! ~GD

(Chapter 4)

She had met Felix on February 14th, 1997, and six months later, on the second friday of August she got some bad news from her private doctor. The reason she was nauseous all the time, and eating everything that wasn’t nailed down is because she was going to be a mother. She was two months pregnant, which meant that his sperm met her egg some time that July.


How in the hell did she screw up (pun intended) and get pregnant? She was advised that the baby was scheduled to arrive on the 24th of November, 1997. After the doctor told her, all thoughts shifted into panic mode. She started trying to predict how each person would react upon hearing the news.

Her mother would be excited.

Robert King would rip her a new one.

Hubert Cole would raise holy hell and give Robert an F5 tongue lashing.

Felix would… Well, she didn’t particularly know how he would take the news.

For two long weeks she held onto to her delicate secret, until the last Friday of that month. It was around 7pm, and Felix started getting frisky. They hadn’t had sex for thirteen days, and he didn’t plan on making it fourteen. When he reached for one of her breasts, she quickly scooted away from him further down the long couch.

He wasn’t quite sure if she was serious or just playing hard to get. Because he knew how much she loved the dick, he decided that she was just being a tease. He decided he’d play along. He began scooting towards her, pausing every other scoot, until he was near enough to make another move. She stopped him again. This time it pissed him off, because his dick was harder than a steel pole.

“What the hell has gotten into you,” he asked in an irritated tone.

“Nothing! I’m just not in the mood to have you plowing inside me for hours. Why don’t you fly solo to that nut,” she snapped back, annoyed by his insensitivity.

He sat back on the couch, and looked at her disgusted. She had never turned him down. Something was wrong, and if he found out she was fucking someone else, he’d kill the guy, and beat her ass. He didn’t believe in sharing anything that belonged to him, not even a silent fart.

“Are fucking somebody else? If you are, you had better tell me right now, because if I find out on my own, I guarantee you it will get ugly,” he said in a menacing growl.

“Felix, I thought you knew me better than that! I’ve got too much class to be out fucking random men to get my rocks off! I cannot even believe you think I’m that kind of woman! What the hell do you think we’ve had for the last six months? I love you, damn, I thought you knew that,” she said in a hurt, broken, tone.

Inflections of sorrow from her sincere response echoed in his mind. It had been the first time he actually felt something in a while, and he wondered how it happened. He replayed all the steps over in his head, but still could not determine the precise point when his heart started to feel. Somehow, the broad managed to infiltrate the internal walls he had built around his heart.

How did he let it happen?

In the flurry of thoughts, there was one that superseded all others. It explained clearly why Traci was rejecting his sexual advances, and he hoped he was wrong. The mere thought of it being a reality shot a cold serge of fear through him, making him gasp aloud

She heard it too.

“Felix, what’s the matter?” she asked, concerned.

“Nothing!” he nervously responded.

“Did you need me to get you something to drink,” she asked, studying his aloof body language.

“No, I’ll be fine!” he told her, jumping up from the couch.

“Are you leaving?” she inquired, trying to detect why he was acting so jumpy.

“Uh, yea. I need to meet somebody to discuss some business and I’m late. I had almost forgotten,” he announced, walking towards the front door hastily.

Felix disappeared from her life and didn’t reappear until, November the 2nd, the night before she went into labor. She was relaxing in the living room, lounging on the white chase lounger that sit in front the massive grey bricked fireplace. By that time she had licked her wounds from the heartbreak, and was moving on with her life. The first few weeks after he left were extremely tough, because he had left without warning.

Eventually, she put two and two together and concluded that he must have figured it all out. That’s what the loud gasp was all about. It didn’t require a scientific mind to understand the proverbial equation of hit it and quit it — especially if it got pregnant. If it bothered her a lot in the beginning, it wasn’t then. She had more than enough means to raise the child she was carrying alone.

A little past nine that evening, weary from the hours infant kicking, she slipped into a deep sleep. Fifteen minutes into her slumber, she was abruptly awkened by the loud gothic chimes of the doorbell. Startled, she sat straight up, and sleepily glanced upward at the large, silver, diamond-shaped clock hanging above the fireplace. It was fifteen past nine, and since she had given the maid the evening off, she had to answer the door herself.

Shifting her weight, she used het arms to push herself up from the sitting position. Being pregnant had been one of the most uncomfortable experiences of her life, and she couldn’t wait to get that baby out of her. Once she balanced herself, she waddled over to the front door, aggravated by the interruption.

Instead of asking who it was, she twisted the knob, flung the door open, and found herself face to face with someone she thought she would never see or hear from again. She always used to rehearse what she would say to him if she ever ran into him again, but she forced herself to stop doing it, because she knew she would never get over him if she didn’t. In order to fully heal from the heartbreak, she had to let go all the way. It took just about all her strength to get him out of her system, and he had the audacity to show back up?

Without a smile, without uttering one word, she just stood there, motionless, and looked at him. What could he possibly have to say for himself? What could he say? What was there left to say? He had made his decision three months ago, when he vanished off the face of the earth. She had given him unconditional love; freely and deeply. There were places inside of her heart that she allowed him to see because she trusted him.

“I’d like to come inside,” he told her, leaning forward slightly.

She frowned, and glared at him without responding. Letting him come in was out of the question. There were too many promises she had made to herself as she recovered from and dealt with the agonizing pain of a broken heart. To love someone the way she loved him helped her write all the songs for the album she was about to start recording.

Two weeks after Felix left, she started humming the melody of another song she had in her head, still reeling from the heartache his leaving inflicted. It was during the time when she was rehearsing what to say if she ever ran into him again one day.
She gave it the title, “Face Me“.
“Right now
Gotta figure out tomorrow
Some how
Recoup what I let you borrow

In this state
We tend to see what we want to see
Fighting fate
Not knowing how we are to be

Giving in
That’s for fools
Giving in
Ignoring rules

Blessed be
Blessed me
Blessed be
I set you free

At this time you gotta
Face me
Right now you gotta
Face me
Stupid ass you gotta
Face me
Here I am you gotta
Face me .”

“No, Felix. Why don’t you take your ass back to wherever it is you were. I don’t need all that bullshit in my life. I get enough of it dealing with people in this fucking industry. I thought you were different, but you’re flaky like the rest of them,” she told him.

“You don’t mean that, girl,” he chuckled.

“Don’t fucking tell me what I don’t mean! I’m not one of those weak bitches you’re used to dealing with! You got some nerve showing up here after being gone for months! I don’t need your sorry ass, and neither does this baby!” she yelled, grabbing her stomach.

Looking both ways, he grabbed her and pushed her back inside the apartment, catching her off guard. He kicked the door shut with his foot.

“Take your damn hands off me! Get your ass outta my house, bastard! You don’t pay any of the bills in this motherfucker!” she screamed, throwing a vase towards him.

He ducked just in time and barely missed being struck.

“Bitch, you better be glad that didn’t hit me,” he screamed back.

He reached inside the inner pocket of his suit coat, and pulled out the gun he carried with him at all times. Once it was out, he pointed at her.

“You don’t know who you’re fucking with, bitch, I’ll blow your damn brains out,” he threatened, cocking the trigger.

She froze.

“Oh, my God!” she said, horrified by his actions.

“Give me a reason,” he said, creeping towards her slowly. When he reached her, he grabbed her from behind and pointed the gun barrel towards her nose.

“I’ll make you very ugly real quick, so listen closely. That baby you’re carrying is my baby. You will never get to raise it, and if you tell anybody, I’ll make you sorry you did. Now, I’ll be leaving, but you had better remember everything I said. It’s not a threat Ms. Starr, it’s a promise. Have a nice evening,” he said, as he left through the front door.

The following day, on the 3rd of November, she delivered a 6 lbs screaming little girl she named, Selena, but after delivery, she was informed that the baby had died. She never saw the body, which is why she believed that, Felix, kidnapped her. She never told anyone either, because she knew he had the power to follow through on the threat he had made.

Selena Williams was alive, and no one could tell her different. The year 1997 started and ended on a bad note. The only triumph had been the success of her first tour. Fans all around the globe had made her an ICON, but it only took two men to diminish the glow of that year. One was named Hubert Cole, and the other was simply called Felix.

Yes, 1997 was a very bad year.

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