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Reflection in the waters, portraying an image of ecstasy

As I take each step, I feel the chilliness move through my body

No turning around, the mist sprayed onto my body as if it were perfume

I go faster and the waters hold onto the train of my white, silky,nightshirt

Dancing in the waves like I have no care, eyes wide open, the vision is too good to be true

I float gently and the vast waters exude serenity, touching my skin like velvet

My wet hair clings to my face,  I never want this  feeling to end.

Then there’s a sudden pull on me, taking me further and further

The waves have gotten stronger but I’m not troubled,

                They toss me and batter me but the connection between us has been forged

I can’t help it; if it’s bad then it feels good

I feel the rush, I…

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World War II


Chapter 36

30 January 1944, Camp Butner, North Carolina

In the last chapter Dad got the news he was hoping for. Mom will take the train to Nebraska to meet him while he was on his furlough. Now if we can get the Army to let him know for sure if he will get the furlough and the exact date he will get it, we will be doing good. Some things in the Army never change.

Dearest Vi, Well honey guess I owe you a letter. So I’ll try to get that done now. Its [sic] chilly here today. I imagine it will be all next week. Just because we have a number of trucks that have to be washed. Our drivers come in tomorrow and will they be tired and dirty. Then we will be ready to work. I got a letter from home and…

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Murphy’s Rules of Travel (from, The Tao of Travel), Paul Theroux

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Just a reminder that during November, I’ll be reviewing short stories instead of novels. This adjustment will hopefully allow me to complete both the manuscript due December 1st and 50,000 words for National Novel Writing Month. 


As a child, yearning to leave home and go far away, the image in my mind was of flight – my little self hurrying off alone. The word “travel” did not occur to me, nor did the word “transformation,” which was my unspoken but enduring wish. I wanted to find a new self in a distant place, and new things to care about. The importance of elsewhere was something I took on faith. Elsewhere was the place I wanted to be. Too young to go, I read about elsewheres, fantasizing about my freedom. Books were my road. And then, when I was old enough to go, the roads I traveled became the obsessive…

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“A Nice Pair of Shoes” – Individuality Introspective by Author G D Grace

My frustrations lie in where I am right now, and in the recovery from all the stupid decisions I’ve made. This marketing sales piece of literary is in alignment with a misunderstanding of managing money and making it. One of the more frustrating things about this intellect I possess, and the blessings I’m afforded in this life lays in the pool I seem to be dog paddling in relentlessly.

To speak and be disregarded and ignored is troublesome, but it doesn’t hit me as hard as it used to. I reached this conclusion; to bother and crumble because of isn’t living, it’s succumbing because of insecurity. Most nerds/intellects/weirdos/outcasts who were picked on throughout high school go on to become the Steve Jobs, the Mark Zukerburgs,  the Bill Gates’ etc…

Being cool really is a state of mind, and to thine own-self be true.

I network with and work around many now. The popular folk usually have their athletic abilities or their physical appearances, but in life only a small few are successful because of those attributes. My heroes have always been the underdogs because they go against the grain and reach insurmountable heights in life.

Allow me, All Mighty, to stay strong in this fight for individuality, and give me the courage to exceed beyond my wildest expectations. Where I’ve been is foreign contrast to where I’ll go. Orlando next week, Australia next year. If we learn anything in life worth anything, it’s to evolve in spite of naysayers and thrive in the light of faith.

Be courageous and innovative, for the only thing that belongs in a box is a nice pair of shoes. ~GD



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