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A man must die to himself, if he ever hopes to live.

While on a routine mission in the neighboring province of Broughtonhaven, Caleb Eaves and his squadron are ambushed by a band of assassins.

Left to die in an icy prison, Caleb has not heard from his wife who has gone missing, and he fears that his people have abandoned him.

He must find a way to escape and track down his attackers if he ever hopes to regain the life he once he had.


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Way to Go, Mr. President!


Witnessing history again, I’m somewhat short of words.  How do you express with words what the power of the people expressed with solidarity and action?  I believe that social networking was a powerful weapon in this race for the next 4.  It, along with an inner desire to end oppressive activities that have plagued this world too long resulted in people coming together and speaking with a single “vote” that multiplied into millions to ensure that the next 4, will continue the momentum towards equality for all, and a better tomorrow for the generations that follow.

Of this I am certain, there is no grater force beneath The Almighty’s power, than the power of creation.

Way to go, Mr. President ~GD