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After Carl McIntosh, Jane Eugene and Steve Nichol founded Loose Ends in 1981, the group went on to record five albums between 1984 and 1990. During this time, they also released nearly twenty singles, two of which Hanging On A String(Contemplating) in 1985 and Slow Down in 1986 reached number one in the US R&B Charts. Loose Ends’ fusion of Philly soul and London R&B, lead to the band becoming one of the biggest UK soul and R&B groups. Their music was just as popular on both sides of the Atlantic during this period. Although best known for the 1985 hit Hanging On A String(Contemplating), there’s much more to Loose Ends’ music than just one single. They were signed to Virgin Records in 1981, releasing a trio of singles before they released their debut album A Little Spice, which was rereleased by in November 2011…

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Battleship- A lesson in poor storytelling and great story telling at the same time

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Hubbs just came home with “Battleship”. Yeah, he’s always good at picking out a nice romantic move for me. Bring on the explosions! Oh Yeah!

Anyway… I did not have high hopes for this movie because it was not in the theaters long… so let’s dissect why.

This movie is about aliens coming down to Earth and trying to blow everything up. For that part … well done. Excellent special effects and awesome aliens and ship designs.

But a story needs more than that, right? Characters and plot and people to root for.

Well, this movie had all that, so I was wondering half way through why I wasn’t enjoying it. Then Hubbs said, “I’m not really worried about any of these characters. I just don’t care.”

You know what? He was right.

However, at the end of the movie, a bunch of characters came in that were beautifully introduced…

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Dave and Liz and Chicago Save the World: A Short Story, John Scalzi

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Just a reminder that during November, I’ll be reviewing short stories instead of novels. This adjustment will hopefully allow me to complete both the manuscript due December 1st and 50,000 words for National Novel Writing Month. 


I’ve had this story bookmarked for about two months now, in preparation for that week in NaNoWriMo when I want to stab myself in the eye for ever thinking this novel-writing thing was a good idea. I knew this time would come because it always does. Sometimes it’s as early as the second weekend of November, but I’ve had the icy terror of reality (reality being that this novel is terrible, makes no sense and should be dismantled one letter at a time while I cry in a corner) hit me as late as Thanksgiving. This year, I thought I’d celebrate my father’s birthday with my own personal writer’s breakdown.

Fortunately, this story…

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