Write a Story with Me #21 – Wait. Huh? What was that last line? with Susan Roebuck

Jennifer M Eaton

Susan Roebuck does the impossible — finding a way to glue this baby all together into one storyline.  Take it away, Susan!  I am Soooo glad I’m not next — but I feel explosions coming!

20- Susan Roebuck

Marci awoke to someone saying, “Two hundred feet above the waves, Commander.”

“Good. Now get below and tell the troops to get ready. I must get back to the Bridge. I’m sorry about all the jolting – the Precipice is always a dangerous place.”

Marci cracked open one eye. She was in the air-lock bubble at the top of the ship, its transparent dome had been pushed half back so she could breathe fresh air. So different to the chemical-filled atmosphere of Argot.

High above specks flew in a V-shape. As she stared a dot at the front broke formation and zoomed down in a breathtaking spiral. Another dot joined him and…

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