Watch The Trailer To Will Smith’s “After Earth” [VIDEO]

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Will Smith and his son Jaden reunite on screen in the sci-fi thriller, “After Earth.” The father and son named Cypher and Kitai Raige crash land on a planet 1,000 years after humans have abandoned it.

“Danger is very real, but fear is a choice…”

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Fallen Times


To those affected by the events of today and those living in this world


These are fallen times

They hang low from tree limbs by frayed rope

With feet still twitching

Swinging back and forth in winds

Burning with hate and gluttony


We are the fallen generation sent tumbling

By our own burden of wants and desires

Morals lay strewn across floors

Discarded clothes in passions throws

We are the heads awaiting pikes for our foul crimes

Examples to be made for those

Unlucky enough to follow our well trod path

Rutted earth steeped in innocent blood


This is our fallen land paved and sewn with our sins

Its fruits are ripe and lay hidden

Fermenting poison like that which we drink to free ourselves

From our last shred of conscience

Plagued by our vermin ways

Infesting this world with malicious greed

Children’s laughter silenced by our…

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27 Killed in Connecticut Shooting, Including 20 Children – Author G D Grace pauses…


This pause is to remember the lives lost today in a senseless and selfish act of misdirected rage.

I cannot imagine the fury of emotions with the devastated hearts and minds left behind who are now left with the daunting task of trying to put the pieces all together.

This slaughter of innocent human lives attacks the very essence of beauty that is living and life.

There really are no words to paint any comfort for those with grieving hearts so heavy.

This pause is to acknowledge  their lives, and I am praying their untimely departures will not have gone in vein.

On the drive in to work this morning I gazed into a beautiful early morning sky, cloaked with wispy pinkish-orange clouds, and my heart was filled with joy from the splendor high above, and I would never have imagined that news like this would follow such beauty.

I pause for the future of humanity, and for the distraught expressions on the faces of innocence that should never be… (teary-eyed) ~GD


The Commodores “Jesus Is Love”