“My Favorite Things” – an introspective by Author G D Grace

Author G D Grace 10-23-2012

My favorite things are not material; they are living and breathing human beings with a spirit and a soul.  They are part of my mental and spiritual and mean more to me than my own life, and I am more because they opened their hearts to me.  The Almighty gave me incredible gifts of compassion and literary which I internalize and produce words that churn into poetry, introspectives, and novels.  The year of 2012 has been one of material loss and the gain of inner-strength — inner-strength that I would not have tapped into had I not experienced and lived beyond those moments.  In the midst of uncertainty and insecurity we cling to faith like an incredible and indestructible life raft and in keeps us afloat during the surge of crashing waves around us.  Our triumph comes when we realize that we did not drown in spite of how large and ferocious those waves are, and when our feet touch sand we emerge from the massive swirls and we walk on solid ground again.

My favorite things are my incredible family and friends new and old, and that colorful tapestry of human beings keep me strong.  Their force is powerful, yet the most powerful force behind everything that has kept me inspired is that force that comes from The Almighty — an unquestionable light that warms hearts and allows spirits to move on beyond the worst tragedies imaginable.

For my mother and father, Almighty, I thank you.

For my grandparents, Almighty, I thank you.

For my sisters and brother, Almighty, I thank you.

For my aunts and uncles, Almighty, I thank you.

For my remarkable and talented friends, Almighty, I thank you.

For my heart and my soul, Almighty, I thank you.

For the incredible gift you have given to me, Almighty, I thank you.

In 2013 I am poised to inspire thousands and, Almighty, I thank you.

These are a few of  “My Favorite Things” ~GD

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The message is simple and warm enough that even Scrooge and the Grinch rock it on their playlists.

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