RIPPED & READY (PART 15) – excerpt from Author G D Grace’s 2nd Novel (Adult Content/18+ Viewing)



Denise and Tootchie’s WWF moment provided me with some of the best entertainment I had seen in months.   I wish I had a video camera with me so I could have taped the entire main event.  If I had that footage, the social media outlet called “YOUTUBE” would have had another despicable addition to its All-People-Are-Crazy line up.  I would have entitled it “Hooch on Hooch” sponsored by the Skank Entertainment group.

Collin called shortly after leaving to fill us in on why Tootchie jumped on Denise.  Well, apparently Tootchie’s mother had caught Denise bouncing up and down on her husband’s dang-a-lang, but somehow she managed to flee before Mary Jo could put her own stamp on that ass.  Tootchie had been looking for her ever since.  Since Collin lived right next door to D’Andre, it was only a matter of time before they ran into each other.  Tootchie said she saw her driving her daddy’s car around in the Garden’s (A neighborhood in EPA), but by the time she hooked a U-Turn, Denise had turned down another street.

Upon hearing this tale, it was pretty damn clear to me that Denise had been spreading her tail all over town.  I wondered who else’s daddy, husband, or boyfriend had torn that “P” thang up.  This had gotten pretty serious now because with HIV running so rampant in the black community, my mother was now on the list of possible recipients of getting that bug.  I wasn’t having it.  I wondered if Pops was even using a condom when he fucked around with this receptacle for dick.

I told Todd that our little get together would have to happen later.  Right now the only thing on my mind was letting my mama know about the goings on of her lawfully-wedded husband.   Telling her over the phone was not an option but, to get her out of the house, I told her that I needed her to meet me in the front of Kaiser Hospital in Redwood City.  Before she had a chance to panic, I told her I was not in the hospital — lord knows I didn’t need for her to trip out.

“Mama, please come alone, don’t tell Pops where you are going, okay?” I told her.  If he knew she was going to meet me he would have figured it out.

Once she arrived, I went and jumped into her Volvo and suggest that we go eat some dinner at Applebee’s restaurant.

“Baby, I don’t like that nasty food they serve there, why don’t we go to The Sizzler instead. You know mama just loves to indulge in their all-you-can-eat salad bar,” she counter-suggested.

“Sure, that’ll be cool, moms”.  She tickled the hell out of me.  I was lucky to have such a wonderful mother.  She always kept herself together –nails did, hair done, and always wore a “true lady’s” attire.  You wouldn’t find a thong anywhere in here “bloomer” drawer.

She used to be pretty good friends with D’Andre’s mom, Cassey, but one day they fell out because Cassey accused my mother of talking her business.  They were still on speaking terms though, but that’s where my mother drew the line.  “With her uppity ghetto ass,” my mama always said, after waving at Cassey from across the street (Think of In Living Color’s and the Ms. Benita character).  After waving, she would always lean over close to my ear to make her snide after-the-fake wave comments.

After we paid at the register, we took our tray with the empty plates and filled up soda cups, over to the nearest booth. My mother must have been hungry because she told me, “Baby, I don’t want to start talking about nothing until we have gotten our food, so let’s go make our rounds around that lovely salad bar”.

I obeyed her request.  Now, you would think getting the salad bar meant getting a salad, but no, my mama loved those hard fried chicken wings, and those funny tasting meat balls — she loaded her plate up, and put a dash of green JELLO on the side.  “You know mama gots to watch her girlish figure,” she said.

Okay, just shut up because you know where I wanted to say after that comment, but I wasn’t even going to go there.  Hell, with all that fried food we should’ve just hit up KFC.  I love my mama, ya’ll.

As I told her what I saw taking place, she listened without interrupting me.  It was sort of eerie though because all she would do was wipe her mouth periodically, and she never looked up at me while I was talking.  It made me a little paranoid.  I didn’t want her going 51/50 and winding up in jail.  I’d pay somebody to knock my dad’s ass off before I ever saw her on Channel 5 Eyewitness news.

I had completed my story and sat, nervously anticipating her response.  When I saw her eyes welling up with tears my eyes started getting watery too.  I wanted to say something so bad, but decided to give her a moment to digest what I had told her.

Finally she started to speak.

“Baby, when you and your sister were just ages two and five, I put ya’ll in your car seats and followed his cheating ass over the house of a good friend of mine, Louella Parks, may she rest in peace,” she said before continuing.  “Louella and I used to go to BINGO together and hit every Goodwill store in the Bay Area. We used to be so close, until I found out that she was spending fun-time with me and after-hours time with your father”.

I was speechless.  That was over fourteen years ago.

“Well, your father had just left her house one of those nights when he was with her.  They must’ve really tied one on, but your daddy had made it out of the house just before Louella’s husband, Johnny-Boy made it home,” she said, whispering so nobody in a near-by table could hear.

It was the most riveting story I had ever heard her tell and, let me say this right here and now, mama really knew how to tell a story.  They always had every pause, period, explanation point, comma, along with perfect stops in them, so that you always wanted to know what was going to happen next.

“Marco, listen here to what I’m telling you and you pay attention.  If two people have knocked boots for a few hours, there will always be a scent in the air that lingers around…you know what scent I’m talking about, don’t you baby?” she asked looking at me, with a serious expression on her face.

“Yes, sex, I know mama”.  I don’t know it felt funny saying that word in the presence of my mama.

“When Louella’s husband, Johnny-Boy got home, it was minutes after your father had pulled off.  It smelled just like that and he knew that while the cat was away, his pussy was getting some play,” she said, pausing for dramatic emphasis.

My heart was racing, but I stayed silent, letting her finsh the sordid tale.

She looked over my shoulder, then over at the neighboring tables before she said what happened, and once she felt comfortable she said, “Johnny-Boy shot her dead, baby.  Right smack-dab in the middle of her head, and he has been in prison ever since”.

Damn it! Pops was two seconds away from meeting his maker and he still hadn’t learned a thing.  I wanted to ask my mother so bad why she stayed with this man, but her next comment stopped me.

“I know you’re wondering why, baby, so let me fill you in on something.  I don’t give a damn what he does out there in them streets, as long as he is bringing that paycheck home and taking care of these bills.  I’d rather live with a rat I know, then be out their struggling in the streets with one I didn’t know,” she added.   “Baby, have you ever known mama to work?” she asked, and then winked at me.

I’ll be doggone. Mama wasn’t as naive as I thought she was.  I did tell her, however, that I needed to move.  She let me know without blinking an eye, I didn’t have anything to worry about and that I could take my time until I was ready to go.

You know something, gots to love that mama.

Hold your horses now, the story ain’t over.   Nope, it’s just getting started… it was now time for D’Andre’s world to get shaken up and Pops and Denise, well, you know they are going to get what they both deserved … (wink).

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