Francine Lucas – Sinclair [Daughter of American Gangster – Frank Lucas] on BlogTalkRadio

Francine Lucas-Sinclair 2-13-2014 Collage
One of the biggest interviews of the season hits the airwaves on GD’s I, Artist on “A Touch of Grace.”

Her father, Frank Lucas, was one of the most infamous gangsters in American history, portrayed by Oscar Winning actor Denzel Washington in the blockbuster film, “American Gangster, and she has granted GD an exclusive interview.

In the upcoming film, Francine Lucas-Sinclair will tells her side of the story.

Thursday, 2/13/14 at 1:30PM [p.s.t.]

To listen to recorded broadcast click:

This event was made possible by World Media & the writing team of Lucas & Brown.

Full Guest Line Up for Thursday’s show:

Francine Lucas – Sinclair [Daughter of American Gangster – Frank Lucas]

The Ladies of DLP [Voices of the soundtrack – Christina G. and Voyce]

Daveo Lee [Music Producer of Soundtrack]

The. Gangsters Daughter is being filmed and written in pieces to prevent the massive bootleg of the movie which is said to have been one half billion dollars in the movie American Gangster. Even the actor and staff will not know the whole story and how the movie ends.

The pieces will be put together like a puzzle right before the premier.

For Ads pieces of the film will be available, Trailers Etc The Gangsters Daughter is being written by Francine Lucas and Cornell Brown (Lucas & Brown)

The date of the movie will be told to the public right before its release . If you want to be one of the first to know then you will need to like us on Facebook

The Daveo Lee Project is working on some of the songs for the soundtrack. The word is that the lead singer of the ladies of DLP Christina G will play Francine Lucas the daughter of the notorious gangster Frank Lucas stay in touch with the ladies of DLP on Facebook or their website

Francine Lucas – Sinclair website:

The Ladies DLP – Daveo Lee Project

Sound Cloud – The Ladies of DLP, a Daveo Lee Project

the single “Smooth”

The upcoming film is a Lucas & Brown collaborative venture.

Interview made possible by my friends over at World Media.

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