IS IT ANY WONDER? – introspective by G. D. Grace


Is it any wonder that life has gotten better?

You see, when you clear out old things that never mattered
You can replace them with new things that truly do matter.

How many times have you heard we got this only to walk it alone?
When the push came to shove the “bestie” was gone?

Give it up for the will to succeed in spite of
Standing O for the courage deep rooted to love

Never ever be victim to the cunning and shrewd
Just let them go and with strength be renewed

Climb the later of success and be filled with sublime
From a life you have built solely yours by design.

Is it any wonder that life has gotten better?



Author G D Grace 5-1-2014

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Author, G. D. Grace

Author D. Grace, who resides in Northern California, is a 5x’s self-published author whose literary works include, “Knights of Deception”, “Ripped & Ready” Seasons 1, 2, & 3, and “Dragged. He is currently working on his 6th novel entitled “Daddy”, and on the backburners are his other literary projects which include “Red”, “With Arms Around Me”, “Unspeakable Acts”, “Snowflake”, and the sequel to “Knights of Deception”. His influences include the late successful author, E. Lynn Harris & also James Earl Hardy. He also cites the incredible Tyler Perry as another inspiration. His strong Spiritual belief and his passion for literary expression fuel his ambition and provide him with strength and the confidence to enter into the world of artistry where criticism and scrutiny are prevalent and constant. “I have grown spiritually and feel that my purpose here on earth found me and even though there is fear sometimes wondering about my financial situation, I believe that it is why I was born – to inspire and, with my first book in print, oh what a legacy I am building to leave behind long after I take my last breath…” Author, G. D. Grace Literary Links: Apple i-Store: Author G D Grace’s Blog Talk Radio Show “A Touch of Grace”

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