angels – by G. D. Grace

New Heavenly Citizens , the Most High sends his love and welcomes you home.  This was a non-stop flight into the gates of heaven. Many of you might be wondering about the material things you left behind; such as your car, your clothes, your home. Well, you won’t need them here, as you now have wings to fly, a fluorescent wrinkle, soil-free white robe, and an eternal kingdom with endless halls of peace and serenity.

You may also notice that there are no more tears, nor heavy burdens for you to carry.  You have been relieved of stress, worry, pain, and illness. Your new body is transparent, as you are now pure spirit. Any brokenness within your heart has been replaced with an overwhelming love — unconditional without boundaries, nor limitations.

I’d like to direct your attention now to the Angel’s Launch Pad in the distance.  This is where you’ll spend your first few moments here in heaven, getting acquainted with your new wings.  I might also add that time is not measured here in heaven; which means that you will never again grow older.

I know you are probably wondering about your loved ones — the ones that arrived here before you.  Well, there is a special gala planned where you will reunite with them.  They have eagerly awaited your arrival.  Another blessing here in heaven is you will see your future generations before they are born into the world you left behind.  You will be allowed one whisper to each of them — and that whisper will follow them throughout their lives until they grow old and return home.

New Citizens of Heaven,

Welcome home.

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