MAKING WAVES – by G. D. Grace

This remarkable life.  This life that dictates without asking for forgiveness, nor permission. It tears us down and builds us up repeatedly. It can rip our emotions to shreds, then abandon us as if we are foreigners in our own lives.  It destroys then rebuilds souls with the fervor of a psychopathic journeyman, spewing screws and nails missing the target of entry. It is often driven to eat away at our bearings, and can be vicious in its attack at our spiritual foundation.

Many of us fail to resurrect our lives once we have lost everything — everything that is, except our lives. Some of us allow ourselves to get complacent, never facing the adversities, too afraid to rise from the ashes of obscurity to become the accomplished beings were were intended to be. Quite often this failure to break the vicious cycle of mediocrity becomes the norm that lingers around from generation to generation.

The vile stench of an uneducated mind breeds inequality and hampers growth.  Without an education the opportunities available are narrow, and the outlook is grim.  In order to push beyond a meager existence there has to be an inner-flame of ambition and a profound desire to want a better life — a better life filled with adventure, success, and love.

In order to make waves, we must be willing to take the dive

In order to make waves, we must be willing to swim towards the light

In order to make waves, we must be willing to let go, and let God

There is existing, then there’s living….

Make the choice….

G||D 8|11|2015  © 2015