Infamous 2020

Vivid images of the year 2020 are now etched in my mind along with the countless other images stored there, all from a life I am still living. In March of 2020, I remember watching transportation reservations dwindle, as people cancelled trips to the airport, vacations, wine-tours, quinceaneras, wedding arrangements, and just about every other public event that would require transportation. I watched the transportation business I worked for in early 2020 cease to be the thriving company it once was.

COVID-19 hit the globe like a rouge asteroid and just about everything came to a complete halt. To add insult to injury, in May of 2020, the recording of a black man named George Floyd being murdered by a white Minneapolis, Minnesota cop went viral, and Black Lives Matter protests erupted around the globe. Decent people of all races and all nationalities were enraged by what they saw, and they took to the streets by the thousands in protest against police brutality of black people.

As both of these global events shook the world, I found myself immersed in the media coverage on CNN. I watched more news during 2020 than I had in my entire life. Then, on November 3rd, the Presidential Election took place. After several agonizing weeks of voter fraud accusations from the Trump administration that bled into 2021, Joe Biden & Kamala Harris were finally certified as the new President & Vice-President elect.

And just when things seemed to be looking up with the new administration’s electoral-college certification being confirmed, Trump incited an insurrection up the road from the Capital. Thousands of angry white Trump supporters (with a splash of people of color in the mix) flooded the grounds of the Capital causing destruction and mayhem inside and outside the building. Law-makers were sent scurrying, running for their lives as the racist crowd infiltrated the sanctuary.

Of all the things that Trump had done, this was the final straw. He had already been impeached once, and he made history again by being impeached a second time. I only pray that the inauguration events are more peaceful — but, I won’t hold my breath.


USA COVID Statistics:

Total cases: 23.4M
Deaths: 389K

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