Where Do We Go From Here? – by G. D. Grace

From where I stand I see that there is a great cultural shift happening in the United States of America, a shift from an old oppressive regime that, at one point, saw us only as slaves to be traded and sold. The “Whites Only” signs might have disappeared from view a while ago, but white supremacy is still very much visible and present on the powerful and influential political landscape. It saddens me that more innocent black people had to die, but as result of those most recent senseless deaths in 2020 a rainbow of races did take to the streets in protest. Was it The Revolution? Only time will tell.

That anyone feels that the color of their skin makes them superior to another is beyond my comprehension. Growing up I was too busy being proud of my blackness to ever embrace being proud of my gayness — which is just as much a part of me as my racial profile. My oppression has been two-fold; however, I feel there is a reason to celebrate the great cultural shift. I am optimistic about a better future that, it seems, we are on the cusp of as a nation. I saw with my own two eyes the numerous races standing tall against racism last year.

The white racist radicals stand at the forefront of the resistance to change. They feel they are losing power and their sacred white privilege. In the shadows cowering are the racist politicians that are scrambling around blatantly pushing bold faced lies and conspiracy theories aimed at controlling these radicals — who seem to be wrapped up in the cult-like trance inflicted with verbal doses of 45’s 4-year sadistic rhetoric. I cannot believe he incited an attempted coup. He stood in front of them at a Presidential Podium behind bulletproof glass, got them all riled up, said that he would be walking beside them up to the Capitol, then gets in his car and drives in the opposite direction. He and his cronies watched as this massive predominately white crowd riot and destroy the nation’s capitol.

As optimistic as I am, I know some would rather die than give up their oppressive views on race. That’s why I know, without a doubt, racism is a sickness just as destructive as any cancer or virus.

God, where do we go from here?


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