“Energy Inspection”- by G. D. Grace

I remember the day, January 6th, 2021 vividly, because I was mentally worn out from all the election updates. The entire election process to certify a President & Vice President was truly eye-opening. Before this day I honestly thought that the following day after the election was when we knew who the next President would be. Well, thanks to CNN’s very informative coverage throughout 2020, I learned just how complex a Presidential confirmation is. All I knew is that I wanted TRUMP out! I was sick of his entire self-serving administration, but on this infamous day I witnessed his most dangerous and corrupt efforts to STEAL the election he lost.

Before taking my afternoon nap, I saw him standing behind bulletproof glass at a podium, spewing his dishonest message about the election being stolen, egging on the overly agitated multitude of MAGA supporters hyped up on lies, engorged with hatred, eating up the words of a dangerous dictator, who cared about them as much as he cared about anyone else who went against his obsession to retain power. Needless to say that when I opened my eyes, though shocked, I was flabbergasted to see that hundreds of so-called Americans, were scaling walls, bum-rushing policemen, and destroying anything that got in their path.

Certain days you just remember: I remember the race-riot at San Carlos High School my freshman year back in 1976. It had everything from dirt rocks being hurled at our school buses, to Nazi-Booths, set up along the streets of Melody Dr in the city of San Carlos, Ca. I remember the Loma Prieta Earthquake that struck on October 17th, 1989 @ 5:07pm, because I was in San Bruno, CA. standing outside when I felt the ground, literally, rolling beneath my feet. I remember the attacks of September 11th, 2001, because when I turned on the television that morning it took me a minute to realize that the planes flying into the Twin Tours were, in fact, and actually, a terrorist attack.

Events that are total “mind-fucks” (excuse my French); however, it’s the truth, and here we are still knee-deep in a global pandemic that began as early as late 2019 — yeah, 2019. Talk about dropping the ball, yet the Republican Party still has ties to this “mofo” and a laundry list of nauseating conspiracy theories. The mental-shattering and inner-peace disruptive events I’ve seen in my lifetime continue to shape my whole perspective about the Unites States, and the World. Looking back, it’s pretty sobering to learn that I have been on the receiving end of “White-Privilege,” decisions — decisions I didn’t know at the time were being made because of “White Privilege.” I did, however, embrace the idea that as a black man, I had to work harder and be smarter.

I’ll be turning 59 years old in a few weeks, and I can honestly say that I still have growing pains — growing pains personally and professionally. I continue to learn that you simply cannot trust everyone you encounter — because everyone you encounter is either just as fucked up, or more fucked up, as you mentally. I also understand “ENERGY,” more than I ever have before. There is some “ENERGY,” that you cannot allow to occupy your space for too long — that type of “ENERGY,” can be destructive mentally — especially when it is unsettled, unruly, and unrelenting…