IS IT ANY WONDER? – introspective by G. D. Grace


Is it any wonder that life has gotten better?

You see, when you clear out old things that never mattered
You can replace them with new things that truly do matter.

How many times have you heard we got this only to walk it alone?
When the push came to shove the “bestie” was gone?

Give it up for the will to succeed in spite of
Standing O for the courage deep rooted to love

Never ever be victim to the cunning and shrewd
Just let them go and with strength be renewed

Climb the later of success and be filled with sublime
From a life you have built solely yours by design.

Is it any wonder that life has gotten better?



Author G D Grace 5-1-2014

More Will Be Revealed – by G. D. Grace

With my back against all that I leave behind, I stand upon new ground rich with possibility and fertile in prosperity. All of the mistakes and bad decisions seem to have been intentional in occurrence.

The loneliness and unfulfilled existence were mere buds that have now bloomed in radiant colors, and I feel more alive than I have ever felt.

Every wrong relationship I encountered now stands as examples of who I never was, and with this clean playing field I can see a clear shot that leads to fulfillment and success.

What I left behind mattered only in the lessons I learned, and I know without a doubt, more will be revealed.



A touch of grace 2014 LOGO 4-17-2014

The Closest Thing To Right – written by G. D. Grace

Do you mind me watching you wash your hair? You do it with such pride, as if you enjoy taking extra special care of the silken mane you have been blessed with.

There is something so tender in a moment such as this — a moment driven by a sincere love of life, and innate fondness of self.

From where I sit at the helm of this fascination and admiration, I can feel the magnetic lure of attraction summoning me to expect nothing, but to anticipate something.

You are the closest thing to right for me I have ever seen, so again I ask…

Do you mind me watching you wash your hair?

(Not sure where this came from, but I just went with it.)



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“SKIN” – recited during Sharon Mae King interview 4/14/2014

There’s more to me than what meets the eye
I am this unique spirit filled with an abundance of light
I see probabilities and possibilities as positive energy flowing all up and through me
From the ashes of mistakes and bad decisions I rise upwards and into a new realm of being
I am a survivor to the tenth degree, having learned the secret about living this life
I live life on its terms, and I have embraced accepting the things that I cannot change,
And I have the courage to change the things that I can, and…
And I understand the wisdom to know the difference.



Sharon-Mae-King Remember-Me- pic 4-13-2014

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I DON’T NEED YOU – recited during interview with Author Robert Marsh

I don’t need you to pull me down and tell me what I cannot do
I don’t need you uttering discoursing words in my ear telling me what I’m not capable of
I don’t need you dropping salt in front of me, in back of me, pointing out my faults
I don’t need you consorting with your personal opinions summing me up as if you could.
I don’t need you to laugh at my expense, shooting down my dreams as if they don’t matter.
I don’t need you pretending to be the victim when I speak up in my defense to stop you from tearing me down.
I don’t need you telling me what is right for me as if you are captain and I am crew
I need you to back up, move on, get ghost, and allow me to walk in the glow of my own truth!

Moral of this message…

I don’t need you!

Robert Marsh pic 3-25-2014

Intro to the Robert Marsh Interview:

Show Link–robert-marsh

Producer & Host

A Touch of Grace LOGO 3-25-2014

A Touch of Grace – The Best on Blog Talk Radio: Produced & Hosted by G. D. Grace

Can I just say I am excited about the prospect of A Touch of Grace becomming the premiere radio show on a global scale — the one that launches the careers of deserving and well-respected talents in literary, film, theater, music, and spoken-word…

Also one that captures the attention of the established artists by trust — one that is desired based on it’s honesty and an absolute respect for guests, their products, and brands.

Each day it feels more reality than dream, and I feel so blessed.

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I AM – [intro to the Marcinho Savant Interview on Blog Talk Radio]

I could be mediocre

But I choose to be incredible….

I am colorful and vibrant and a reflection of what is possible

I am no more than the next, but am much more than the not

I am visionary to the zillionth power,



And self-assured

I am the sudden burst of wind that carries the leaf thousands of miles away

Living life on its terms fearlessly as I move along the great way

I could be less than, but I choose to be more

I am who God made me to be

Incredible and free….


Marcinho Savant

I am in awe of Marcinho Savant — what an incredible spirit!!!!!


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Marcinho Savant CEO and an Executive Producer from Iron Violet Stage and Film on GD’s “A Touch of Grace,” on Thursday, 3/13/2014, at 1:30PM.

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When We Come Together|BlogTalkRadio|GD Grace

I woke up this morning and joy greeted me…
It was warm, comforting, assured, and powerful.
It started off with a text message, then two phone calls
It filled my ears with encouragement and creative fellowship
It made me smile, unbridled grin
It was a reminder of what hard work yields
It was a affirmation that, if it takes a village to raise a child,
then it takes a community to strengthen a brand.

When we come together….

There isn’t anything we can’t achieve.

I am your host, GD, welcome to “A Touch of Grace”
Twirling Blue Media

Words of Wisdom by GD |From the interview with author of the book, “His Eye Is On the Sparrow”, Lisa Banks-Sparrow.

Here’s some wisdom I’d like to leave you with today. We are guaranteed to know loss and sorrow in our lives, because as we live we face life on life’s terms. Just as the skies above are blue, they will become stormy, and as the rain falls and the winds blow, we must always remember that after the storm the sun will shine again.

The fight for inner-peace is a worthy battle, and if there are long periods of sadness and anger, listen to your mind, it is crying out to you, asking you to seek help, to open up and talk about what is bothering you. So many throw all their energies into getting the six pack abs and wearing fine clothes, but you cannot wear a disguise to cover pain. Our minds are vast universes of divine potential – and once we clear out the fog of adversity, we can see the stars again.

If you hear nothing else today, understand this without a doubt, you are so worthy of happiness and joy, and I pray you find it, and also know this,

GD loves you very much.

Twirling Blue Media