Excerpt from Author, G. D. Grace’s 4th self published novel “Dragged…”


Elixir Calhoun floats around this club like she is Naomi Campbell and I do not understand, for the life of me, why the crowd is so infatuated with her. I cannot stand the bitch and animosity was the only thing we had in common. Her fucking feet were long enough to seat a crew of twelve white water rafters comfortably and her piss colored skin was about as washed out as that tired ass runway sashay she always did when she graced the catwalk.

The only flawless thing about her was the man she wore on her arm like an expensive Mink Stole, and I made a promise to myself that I was going to sabotage that relationship and make him mine if it killed me.  He deserved to be with a woman who would not emasculate him and keep him on a short leash.  A man like Maddox McNair required special handling and I was more than willing to take on the delicate task of ensuring that all of his needs were met.

With all of the cheering and commotion that was taking place around us, we had found our own, quiet, little space amongst it all, and I could see in his hypnotic eyes that he wanted to continue our enchanting conversation behind closed doors, where we could expand on our words and allow our animalistic instincts to manifest into hot, physical, intimacy, but that cast iron ball and chain drove her wicket wedge between us and spooked him away temporarily.

Yes, bitches, that’s what I said, temporarily.

I wasn’t an insecure, paranoid, territorial bitch like most of these side show Divas, because I lived in the real world and I knew that putting a leash on someone as exquisite and intoxicating as this masculine creature was futile; he shined best when he was permitted to roam free, and I knew it.  I’m pretty sure that’s what intrigued him most about me; I never asked him to make me his one and only – all I wanted to be was his sometimes and often.

When he reached under the table, took my hand, and placed it on his inflated magic stick, I started perspiring between the creases of what I wanted to give to him so badly, until my seat was getting damp.  The more I squeezed it, the harder and longer it grew and I was literally salivating with anticipation.  He had me so wired up that it felt like I had sniffed some of the purest cocaine on the planet.  I became a junkie at that very moment and it sent my craving into overdrive.

I knew that, to most of the patrons at “Lilly’s”, I was the biggest slut to ever walk the face of the earth, but I didn’t give a damn about what any of those haters thought of me.  Quiet as it was kept, most of them were just as freaky as me, but they hid behind the veil of prim and proper like they were contestants in a fucking beauty pageant.  That is what separated me from them, if I saw somebody I wanted, I wasn’t going to be playing any childish games; I was the bitch that would point blank say what I wanted and how I wanted it done.

That’s why my lovely mother deemed me Sunny Skies, because she said I was flaming like the sun, and that I always gave all the other bitches the blues.  In my eyes, my mother was just as blessed as Mary Magdalene because no matter what anyone else said about me, I was her child and if anybody even dared call me out my name she’d shoot a piece of lead in their asses so deep that even a doctor wouldn’t find it – and that children, is deep.

I suppose that my blunt personality rubbed people the wrong way and if they loved me, then they really loved me, but if the hated me, then, children, they hated me right down to my bones.  I only associated with a hand full of the Queens who frequented Lilly’s and I didn’t consider any one of them to be my friend.  You see, I’ve been a loner for as long as I can remember.  My flamboyant flair made me an outcast with the brothas, and my notorious reputation for having any man I wanted, made me an enemy of the sistahs.

I couldn’t count the number of “straight” men that I had turned out because it was numerous.  If I could’ve have stopped myself from turning out just one out of the whole lot, I guess I would have stopped myself from turning out my sister’s boyfriend, Stanley Simon, because she was truly in love with him.  He and I got busted in the reverend’s office doing the do on her wedding day and, children, I am pretty sure that the scandal was still being talked about to this day.

To make matters worse, my mother couldn’t stop herself from laughing about the looks on both of our faces when she and the reverend busted in on us.  When he tried to quiet her down, she went off on him and told him that he needed to stop fronting because everybody in the damn church new that he was fucking a few of the Deacons, a couple of the Ushers, and quite a few in the choir.

Needless to say, neither my mother nor I were members of the church after that day.

I’ll tell you, it has been my biggest regret because I haven’t seen or spoken to my sister in 10 years.  I missed her too.  She even cut off communication with my mother.

After that experience, I didn’t hold anything sacred anymore.  Radom sex with faceless and nameless men was just a party for me, and I wanted my life to be as colorful and fulfilling as it could possibly be.  I never allowed my emotions to bind my spirit; I am a bird that can never be caged completely.

If am but a moment…

then let me be grand…

As I sat staring at my reflection in the mirror, sliding back on the wig that Elixir had just snatched off of my head in her jealous rage, I was reflective and children, that bitch was going to regret the day that she ever laid her skinny, scaly, talons on me.  I wanted to claw her eyes out but I knew that one should never underestimate their opponent.  Hell, I had already been embarrassed enough, the last thing I wanted was for her to finish up things by stomping a mud hole in my ass, but revenge would eventually be mine.

When I exited my dressing room, I noticed that Missouri Meadows had parked her wanna-be-Drag-Diva tail up on a stool at the bar (her favorite spot).  She worshiped the ground that Elixir walked on and I decided that I was going to use the old “divide-and-conquer” approach to destroy Elixir’s reign at Lilly’s.  I was going to make Missouri a pawn in my game of revenge; her desire to be loved made her an easy target.  I was going to start by giving her some of the old gowns I no longer wanted.

She caught me scoping her out but instead of ignoring her like I always did, I smiled at her, blew her a kiss, and mouthed something that I knew she’d eat up: “You look beautiful darling”.

At first she looked around to see if I was truly talking to her, and when I mouthed the lie a second time, she smiled back and raised her champagne glass in gratitude.  Uh, huh, I had her, and by the time she figured things out, the demise of Elixir will have begun.

The forecast for the next several months is:  Sunny Skies

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