Trip Towards Your Double PP’s – insight by G. D. Grace

What once was a desolate plain of existence is now a lush life filled with joy and happiness. Though, not often, I encounter individuals from the past who instantly begin attacking the serenity that I’ve found.

I am thankful to be one of the fortunates who had the courage to step away from familiar people and places towards a better way of life.

In the moment may you find clarity and faith to walk away from adversity. Remember, misery loves company. Be sure footed stepping off that bus and transferring to another.

Take a trip towards your double P’s…

GD 8-17-2013


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Remembering Dr. Maya Angelou ———- April 4, 1928 – May 28, 2014


Yours was a light that beamed brightly in spit of all you endured in your early life.
You channeled adversity and negativity, spinning positive and wisdom from the dark shadows.
You made no excuses for your past, and in your vulnerability we saw ourselves lighter.

God chose you to be among the brightest who’ve passed along this great life highway.
He allowed his will to shine through your powerful words that connected all of us, we human.
Beyond a shadow of a doubt, you added more to this life just by being, and for that we were privy to your light.

As we celebrate your joy today, I am inspired about my own future walking my own path in this life,
and I pay homage to you and other’s like you for leaving breadcrumbs along the way for us to follow.

We will always love you, Dr. Maya Angelou

Author G D Grace 10-2-13

Blog Talk Radio Producer/Host

Mighty Real: A Fabulous Sylvester Musical – Off-Broadway

Anthony Wayne PROMO 2-28-2014

Anthony Wayne & Kendrell Bowman who visited my show, A Touch of Grace, during season 4, are the masterminds behind the musical: Mighty Real: A Fabulous Sylvester Musical based on the life of the consummate entertainer the world knew as “Sylvester”

Here’s an update about the off-Broadway show:

****Centric TV EXCLUSIVE****

Sheryl Lee Ralph and the writers of Mighty Real: A Fabulous Sylvester Musical dish on the upcoming off-Broadway show about the late disco and dance singer Sylvester, promoting AIDS awareness in the community and more.

READ and watch a trailer of the show, HERE—>


“Solo” – recited during the interview with author/minister Ronald Bell

I will never fly solo,

Not with the unyielding power of faith and love from you

You are in every breath I take, in every step that I take

You are in the four seasons, and in the sudden breeze the races around me

You inspire me to smile whenever the blues fills me up

You are refreshing newness in the overflowing cup

Because of you I have all that I need in this life

You are the whole, the full, and the everything that’s right

I’ll never fly solo because shinning within is your essence of light



Link To Interview with Author/Ministry – Ronald Bell Jr.

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“SO MUCH YET TO SEE” – introspective reflection by G. D. Grace

When we are younger, the world seems so enchanting and big –

And our dreams our as vast as a midnight sky.

We imagine all the wonders of the world being right at our finger tips,

And our imaginations are colorful as a spring hillside bursting with variety…

Then, somewhere along the line we become jaded about everything,

Because of trials and tribulations that reveal themselves in our lives,

But we must never stop dreaming and imagining all we can be….

Not when this big beautiful world has so much yet to see….

Author G D Grace 5-1-2014

IS IT ANY WONDER? – introspective by G. D. Grace


Is it any wonder that life has gotten better?

You see, when you clear out old things that never mattered
You can replace them with new things that truly do matter.

How many times have you heard we got this only to walk it alone?
When the push came to shove the “bestie” was gone?

Give it up for the will to succeed in spite of
Standing O for the courage deep rooted to love

Never ever be victim to the cunning and shrewd
Just let them go and with strength be renewed

Climb the later of success and be filled with sublime
From a life you have built solely yours by design.

Is it any wonder that life has gotten better?



Author G D Grace 5-1-2014

CBS’s sitcom Bad Teacher – Is it worth watching? [Yank It!]

I’m sure for as long as I’ve had this blog I have never written anything that addresses irresponsible television programing, but after getting a Survey from Sony to provide feedback, I watch this atrocious show. First let me say this, if you are into vulgarity and the exploitation of young children then, perhaps, this show is for you. I don’t quite understand who thinks this show was funny enough to be on prime-time television, but I can tell you one thing it is in bad taste and beyond my comprehension.

I’m certain that there will be comments that will come back an attack this review, but so be it. I am not a robot that can be programmed, I have a mind and fully can recognize when I see something disturbing. Who would put a grown, scantily-clothed women, in a grade school with kids, being totally disrespectful to the very pillar of what an educational institution is all about?

How many times was the word “bitch” used in reference to another person? Really? Is this what we have come to as a society? And her search for a rich husband? Hello, perhaps you need to get a real job and take care of your self — and to solicit children to do your bidding on career day?

Is it just me?

Yank it!


More Will Be Revealed – by G. D. Grace

With my back against all that I leave behind, I stand upon new ground rich with possibility and fertile in prosperity. All of the mistakes and bad decisions seem to have been intentional in occurrence.

The loneliness and unfulfilled existence were mere buds that have now bloomed in radiant colors, and I feel more alive than I have ever felt.

Every wrong relationship I encountered now stands as examples of who I never was, and with this clean playing field I can see a clear shot that leads to fulfillment and success.

What I left behind mattered only in the lessons I learned, and I know without a doubt, more will be revealed.



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The Closest Thing To Right – written by G. D. Grace

Do you mind me watching you wash your hair? You do it with such pride, as if you enjoy taking extra special care of the silken mane you have been blessed with.

There is something so tender in a moment such as this — a moment driven by a sincere love of life, and innate fondness of self.

From where I sit at the helm of this fascination and admiration, I can feel the magnetic lure of attraction summoning me to expect nothing, but to anticipate something.

You are the closest thing to right for me I have ever seen, so again I ask…

Do you mind me watching you wash your hair?

(Not sure where this came from, but I just went with it.)



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“SKIN” – recited during Sharon Mae King interview 4/14/2014

There’s more to me than what meets the eye
I am this unique spirit filled with an abundance of light
I see probabilities and possibilities as positive energy flowing all up and through me
From the ashes of mistakes and bad decisions I rise upwards and into a new realm of being
I am a survivor to the tenth degree, having learned the secret about living this life
I live life on its terms, and I have embraced accepting the things that I cannot change,
And I have the courage to change the things that I can, and…
And I understand the wisdom to know the difference.



Sharon-Mae-King Remember-Me- pic 4-13-2014

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