RIPPED & READY (PART 15) – excerpt from Author G D Grace’s 2nd Novel (Adult Content/18+ Viewing)



Denise and Tootchie’s WWF moment provided me with some of the best entertainment I had seen in months.   I wish I had a video camera with me so I could have taped the entire main event.  If I had that footage, the social media outlet called “YOUTUBE” would have had another despicable addition to its All-People-Are-Crazy line up.  I would have entitled it “Hooch on Hooch” sponsored by the Skank Entertainment group.

Collin called shortly after leaving to fill us in on why Tootchie jumped on Denise.  Well, apparently Tootchie’s mother had caught Denise bouncing up and down on her husband’s dang-a-lang, but somehow she managed to flee before Mary Jo could put her own stamp on that ass.  Tootchie had been looking for her ever since.  Since Collin lived right next door to D’Andre, it was only a matter of time before they ran into each other.  Tootchie said she saw her driving her daddy’s car around in the Garden’s (A neighborhood in EPA), but by the time she hooked a U-Turn, Denise had turned down another street.

Upon hearing this tale, it was pretty damn clear to me that Denise had been spreading her tail all over town.  I wondered who else’s daddy, husband, or boyfriend had torn that “P” thang up.  This had gotten pretty serious now because with HIV running so rampant in the black community, my mother was now on the list of possible recipients of getting that bug.  I wasn’t having it.  I wondered if Pops was even using a condom when he fucked around with this receptacle for dick.

I told Todd that our little get together would have to happen later.  Right now the only thing on my mind was letting my mama know about the goings on of her lawfully-wedded husband.   Telling her over the phone was not an option but, to get her out of the house, I told her that I needed her to meet me in the front of Kaiser Hospital in Redwood City.  Before she had a chance to panic, I told her I was not in the hospital — lord knows I didn’t need for her to trip out.

“Mama, please come alone, don’t tell Pops where you are going, okay?” I told her.  If he knew she was going to meet me he would have figured it out.

Once she arrived, I went and jumped into her Volvo and suggest that we go eat some dinner at Applebee’s restaurant.

“Baby, I don’t like that nasty food they serve there, why don’t we go to The Sizzler instead. You know mama just loves to indulge in their all-you-can-eat salad bar,” she counter-suggested.

“Sure, that’ll be cool, moms”.  She tickled the hell out of me.  I was lucky to have such a wonderful mother.  She always kept herself together –nails did, hair done, and always wore a “true lady’s” attire.  You wouldn’t find a thong anywhere in here “bloomer” drawer.

She used to be pretty good friends with D’Andre’s mom, Cassey, but one day they fell out because Cassey accused my mother of talking her business.  They were still on speaking terms though, but that’s where my mother drew the line.  “With her uppity ghetto ass,” my mama always said, after waving at Cassey from across the street (Think of In Living Color’s and the Ms. Benita character).  After waving, she would always lean over close to my ear to make her snide after-the-fake wave comments.

After we paid at the register, we took our tray with the empty plates and filled up soda cups, over to the nearest booth. My mother must have been hungry because she told me, “Baby, I don’t want to start talking about nothing until we have gotten our food, so let’s go make our rounds around that lovely salad bar”.

I obeyed her request.  Now, you would think getting the salad bar meant getting a salad, but no, my mama loved those hard fried chicken wings, and those funny tasting meat balls — she loaded her plate up, and put a dash of green JELLO on the side.  “You know mama gots to watch her girlish figure,” she said.

Okay, just shut up because you know where I wanted to say after that comment, but I wasn’t even going to go there.  Hell, with all that fried food we should’ve just hit up KFC.  I love my mama, ya’ll.

As I told her what I saw taking place, she listened without interrupting me.  It was sort of eerie though because all she would do was wipe her mouth periodically, and she never looked up at me while I was talking.  It made me a little paranoid.  I didn’t want her going 51/50 and winding up in jail.  I’d pay somebody to knock my dad’s ass off before I ever saw her on Channel 5 Eyewitness news.

I had completed my story and sat, nervously anticipating her response.  When I saw her eyes welling up with tears my eyes started getting watery too.  I wanted to say something so bad, but decided to give her a moment to digest what I had told her.

Finally she started to speak.

“Baby, when you and your sister were just ages two and five, I put ya’ll in your car seats and followed his cheating ass over the house of a good friend of mine, Louella Parks, may she rest in peace,” she said before continuing.  “Louella and I used to go to BINGO together and hit every Goodwill store in the Bay Area. We used to be so close, until I found out that she was spending fun-time with me and after-hours time with your father”.

I was speechless.  That was over fourteen years ago.

“Well, your father had just left her house one of those nights when he was with her.  They must’ve really tied one on, but your daddy had made it out of the house just before Louella’s husband, Johnny-Boy made it home,” she said, whispering so nobody in a near-by table could hear.

It was the most riveting story I had ever heard her tell and, let me say this right here and now, mama really knew how to tell a story.  They always had every pause, period, explanation point, comma, along with perfect stops in them, so that you always wanted to know what was going to happen next.

“Marco, listen here to what I’m telling you and you pay attention.  If two people have knocked boots for a few hours, there will always be a scent in the air that lingers around…you know what scent I’m talking about, don’t you baby?” she asked looking at me, with a serious expression on her face.

“Yes, sex, I know mama”.  I don’t know it felt funny saying that word in the presence of my mama.

“When Louella’s husband, Johnny-Boy got home, it was minutes after your father had pulled off.  It smelled just like that and he knew that while the cat was away, his pussy was getting some play,” she said, pausing for dramatic emphasis.

My heart was racing, but I stayed silent, letting her finsh the sordid tale.

She looked over my shoulder, then over at the neighboring tables before she said what happened, and once she felt comfortable she said, “Johnny-Boy shot her dead, baby.  Right smack-dab in the middle of her head, and he has been in prison ever since”.

Damn it! Pops was two seconds away from meeting his maker and he still hadn’t learned a thing.  I wanted to ask my mother so bad why she stayed with this man, but her next comment stopped me.

“I know you’re wondering why, baby, so let me fill you in on something.  I don’t give a damn what he does out there in them streets, as long as he is bringing that paycheck home and taking care of these bills.  I’d rather live with a rat I know, then be out their struggling in the streets with one I didn’t know,” she added.   “Baby, have you ever known mama to work?” she asked, and then winked at me.

I’ll be doggone. Mama wasn’t as naive as I thought she was.  I did tell her, however, that I needed to move.  She let me know without blinking an eye, I didn’t have anything to worry about and that I could take my time until I was ready to go.

You know something, gots to love that mama.

Hold your horses now, the story ain’t over.   Nope, it’s just getting started… it was now time for D’Andre’s world to get shaken up and Pops and Denise, well, you know they are going to get what they both deserved … (wink).

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Un extracto de la segunda novela de Autor G D Freightman’s aka G D Grace’s, “Ripped & Ready” una temporada.


Seductoras miradas de Hank, en periódicos, entre sorbo y sorbo de brandy fueron seductor, pero espeluznante. No pude poner mi dedo en la llaga, pero, esta antigua casona, los dos Rottweiler, y que el loro boca sucia (que no paraba de gritar atch Bee-cada 15 minutos), me pareció un poco fuera de mí. Quiero decir, me estaba convirtiendo en la causa, seamos sinceros, era fácil en los ojos, sin embargo, había un extraño olor golpea mis fosas nasales (y olía como a los productos químicos del hospital).

Yo realmente empecé a notar que poco después de llegar a la habitación. No estoy seguro de si venía de un producto de limpieza especial, pero, junto con el olor a animal me tenía una sensación un poco incómodo (¿Esta puta tiene un tanque de formaldehído encerrado en alguna parte?).

Yo no sabía, pero yo realmente quería saber así, como cualquier persona con buen sentido, le pregunté. “Hank, algo que realmente está despertando mis alergias de aquí”, dije yo, mintiendo a mi culo.

“¿Ah, sí, lo siento”, dijo, “Yo quiero que usted consiga lo más cómodo posible”, dijo, “Tal vez deberíamos pasar a la zona de la madriguera”, sugirió

Le siguen a la madriguera?

¿Estaba tratando de conseguir más lejos de la puerta principal?

¿Dónde está esa zona de la madriguera en el?

Este negro estaba empezando a adquirir las características de un asesino en serie – la sonrisa demasiado amistoso, el sistema nervioso palmaditas de sus grandes manos en las rodillas, ese brillo intenso en sus ojos, el infierno, todo su comportamiento parecía un poco demasiado críptico para mí, así , en lugar de seguirlo como un cordero después de un carnicero masacre, le pregunté a la pregunta que debería haber pedido antes de que incluso puso un pie fuera del club.

“Uh, espero que no estoy siendo demasiado entrometido, Brotha, pero, no puedo dejar de notar la cantidad de un rodillo que parece ser – quiero decir, el” Jag, esta casa de gran culo, los animales exóticos “- ( Es decir, que la maldita galleta de comer cómico), debido a que los Rotts no eran tan exótico, pero lo hicieron, sin embargo, me recuerdan un poco demasiado de esa película maldita, “The Omen”.

Sí, los perros del diablo!

Hank había este tema Damien Thorne pasando en esta perra!

Era el momento de actuar como si se preocupaba por la respiración.

“Oh, no, no me importa que usted pide. Soy un empresario de pompas fúnebres – uno de los más populares de Oakland. Tengo cuatro funerarias y, digamos, el negocio está funcionando bastante bien – usted sabe, con todo esto los nudillos joven dirige matando unos a otros, está en auge “, dijo, levantando su copa en un gesto de auto-tostado.


Esa fue la fragancia – la muerte!

Ahí fue cuando realmente comencé a incómodos y, entonces él comenzó a correteando hacia mí en el sofá. Los deseos de irse me pegaba como una lluvia de granizo, que tenía que lárgate de allí. Me refiero a empresarios de pompas fúnebres eran artistas necesarios en la vida (me refiero, la gente quería mirar su mejor acostado en un ataúd, pero usted sabe algo, que la ocupación no era algo que quería familiarizarse con todos los días).

Ya era hora, al igual que Young MC, dijo, a “Bust A Move”.

De inmediato comienzan a tratar de averiguar una excusa para que suba de Manor fantasma. Mi excusa empezó a zumbar a mi lado – gracias a Dios, que era mi teléfono celular.

“Disculpe”, le dije, aliviado por la intrusión dio la bienvenida.

“Hola”, dije.

“Nigga, donde en el coño eres tú? Nuestro amigo está poniendo aquí en el hospital y nadie ha visto ni oído hablar de ti desde que te fuiste ayer “, dijo D’Andre en un tono de aves de corral.

“Yo sé, cariño, lo siento, me voy allí ahora”, le dije.

“¿Cómo es Collin, bebé?”, Pregunté.

“Por favor, deja de llamarme, nena, Marco,” pidió a él (y me dolió el infierno fuera de mí también).

“Lo siento”, dije.

“Sí, usted es”, respondió.

No, no lo hizo …

Sin el culo truco no me acaba de insultar a …

Tuve que lidiar con el culo más tarde, pero en este momento, que tenía que desalojar estas instalaciones. Hank me miró con preocupación en sus ojos y preguntó: “¿necesitas que te lleve a algún lugar?”

Infierno sí, me dije a mí mismo, pero en lugar de decir que así me dijo, educadamente: “Sí, necesito que me lleven a San Mateo, uno de mis buenos amigos, está en coma”, le dije.

“Corrección, nigga, Collin se despertó un par de horas”, dijo.

“Oh, eso es maravilloso, D …”

Haga clic en.

Estaba fuera de mí; D’Andre acababa de colgar en mi cara.

Miré a Hank en la incredulidad, pero se abstuvo de llenado de él en ese pedazo de información.

“¿Estás bien, amigo?”, Preguntó.


“Sí, pero lo rápido que me puede llegar?”, Le pregunté, feliz de que Collin era ahora despierto, enojado de que D’Andre estaba actuando como una perra recta, y aliviado de que me iba de la Guarida del empresario de pompas fúnebres.

Ya era hora de volver a la realidad y una vez que estaba seguro de que Collin iba a estar bien, me dirigía a mi apartamento para tratar con el culo Josephs sombra. Yo no había decidido si iba a simplemente aceptar a este niño y trabajar en él en la relación, o salir de su culo para guardar secretos.

Si hubiera sabido que esto no iba a ser su único secreto, probablemente me habría hecho a la idea, pero yo no soy un lector de la mente.

José estaba a punto de llevarme en el viaje de mi vida.

Maldita sea, ¿por qué diablos no puedo volver a esa noche M6?

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Ripped & Ready *Season 1* (Part 48) – excerpt from the second novel by Author G. D. Grace



Hank’s seductive, periodic, glances in between sips of Brandy were seductive but creepy.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, but, this big old house, the two Rottweiler’s, and that foul mouth parrot (who kept screaming Bee-atch every 15 minutes), just seemed a little off to me.  I mean, he was turning me on because, let’s face it, he was easy on the eyes; however, there was a strange scent hitting my nostrils (and it smelled like hospital chemicals).

I really started noticing it shortly after he arrived back into the room.  I’m not sure if it was coming from a special cleaning product but it, along with the animal smell had me a feeling a little uneasy (Did this motherfucker have a formaldehyde tank locked up somewhere?).

I didn’t know, but I really wanted to know so, like anybody with good sense, I asked.  “Hank, something is really waking up my allergies in here,” I said, lying my ass off.

“Oh, really, I’m sorry,” he said, “I want you to get as comfortable as possible,” he said, “Maybe we should move into the den area,” he suggested

Follow him to the den area?

Was he trying to get me further away from the front door?

Where is this den area at?

This nigga was beginning to take on the characteristics of a serial killer — the too friendly smile; the nervous patting of his large hands on the knees; that intense gleam in his eyes; hell, his whole demeanor looked a little too cryptic for me so, instead of following him like a lamb following a butcher to slaughter, I asked the question I should have asked before I even stepped foot outside of the club.

“Uh, I hope I’m not being too nosey, brotha, but, I cannot help but notice how much of a roller you seemed to be — I mean, the Jag’, this big ass house, the exotic animals” — (Namely, that damned cracker eating comic), because the Rotts weren’t that exotic, but they did, however, remind me a little too much of that damned movie, “The Omen”.

Yup, devil dogs!

Hank had this Damien Thorne theme going on in this bitch!

It was time to act like I cared about breathing.

“Oh, no, I don’t mind you asking.  I’m a mortician — one of Oakland’s most popular.  I own four funeral homes and, let’s just say, business is doing quite well — you know, with all these young knuckle heads killing off one another, it’s booming” he said, lifting his snifter in a self-toasting gesture.


That was the fragrance — death!

That’s when I really started getting uncomfortable and, then he started scooting over toward me on the sofa. The desires to leave kept hitting me like a barrage of hailstones; I had to get the fuck out of there.  I mean morticians were necessary artists in life (I mean, people wanted to look their best lying in a coffin, but you know something, that occupation wasn’t something I wanted to become familiar with on a daily basis).

It was time, like Young MC said, to “Bust a Move”.

I instantly begin to try and figure out an excuse to bounce up out of Phantasm Manor.  My excuse began to buzz at my side — thank God, it was my cell phone.

“Excuse me,” I said, relieved by the welcomed intrusion.

“Hello,” I said.

“Nigga, where in the fuck are you? Our friend is laying up here in the hospital and no one has seen or heard from you since you left, yesterday,” D’Andre said in a fowl tone.

“I know, baby, I’m sorry, I’m heading there now,” I told him.

“How is Collin, baby?” I asked.

“Please stop calling me, baby, Marco,” he requested (and it hurt the hell out of me too).

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“Yea, you are,” he responded.

No he didn’t…

No his trick ass didn’t just insult me…

I’d deal with his ass later, but right now, I needed to vacate these premises.  Hank looked at me with concern in his eyes and asked, “Did you need me to take you some place?”

Hell yea, I said to myself, but instead of saying it like that I said, politely, “Yes, I need a ride to San Mateo, one of my good friends is in a coma,” I told him.

“Correction, nigga, Collin woke up a couple of hours ago,” He said.

“Oh, that’s wonderful, D…”


I was beside myself; D’Andre had just hung up in my face.

I looked over at Hank in disbelief, but refrained from filling him in on that piece of information.

“You okay, buddy?” he asked.

I lied.

“Yes, but how quick can you get me there?” I asked, happy that Collin was now awake, pissed that D’Andre was acting like a straight bitch, and relieved that I was leaving the Mortician’s Lair.

It was time to get back to reality and once I was sure that Collin was going to be okay, I was headed back to my apartment to deal with Josephs shady ass.  I hadn’t decided if I was going to just accept this child and work him into the relationship, or leave his ass for keeping secrets.

Had I known this would not be his only secret, I probably would have made up my mind then, but I am not a mind reader.

Joseph was about to take me on the ride of my life.

Damn, why in the fuck can’t I go back to that M6 night?

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Author G. D. Grace reserves all rights and reproduction without written permission is not permitted.  If found, legal action will be taken against the person(s) or company(s) that have cut or pasted (Plagiarized) any portion of this written document.  Author, G. D. Grace; Published © 2010 February




Oh c’mon you only posted one chapter what happen when they was flowing out like water man!!!!

Bring us the next chapter!!!!

2009-10-13 13:24:15
I agree,

come on man, but whats up with ‘Dre, damn did something happen that we don’t know about it and wow! Marco meet so weird ass people. I would of got the fuck out of there as soon as he told me his occupation and he was proud of that shit too! just too damn much!
2009-10-13 13:51:38
g. d. freightman,

I know… I’ve got these other projects and another interview I’m preparing for …I’ll post at least a couple of more today, but got to hit the bed early tonight so I can be fresh tomorrow. Lord, they make you jump through a lot of hoops to secure some employment. I pray the day comes when I can write all day/night for a living but, until then, the bills need to keep being paid (LOL). Love ya’ll… have a blessed one.
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g. d. freightman,

Oh, Gabby, my how you slay me (wink). Okay, let me focus on prepping for this interview. I’ll kick out some more chapters later on. I just had to kick out at least one, immediately, after your comment (wink). LOL. Can’ have the reading crew coming after me with torches…..
2009-10-13 14:02:55
Brown Drizzle,

Mr. G.D….. OMGosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Collin told his girl about the M6……….since he really got it tat’d on his body… of course she would question it…. plus, she is a switch hitter herself…. Now, What the hell is wrong with D’Andre’s bitch ass…. he had his chance…. but real recognize real…. I hope Collin and Marco end up together….
2009-10-13 16:05:34

2009-10-13 16:52:09

come on mr freightman i wait all day 2 log on thinkin imma get at least 3 posts and its only 1…sir havent u learned by now that imma junkie? damn msboobutter got me hooked then just deserted me…gabby u 2 (congrats honey!)! LOL…(u guys kno i love u!) now u come along as my new supplier and u wanna start bein stingy! LMAO! so….i think dandre knows bout marco/collin (m6 tat) too bad so sad should got a piece of that ass instead of denise slutbucket ass…joseph needs to give marco (and i) some ans asap bout this chid…and big bank hank need to keep that mortician shit to himself on a first “date” WTF shit i would be nicked up too…with all that said GIVE ME MORE!
2009-10-13 21:56:14




Ripped & Ready *Season 1* (Part 61) – excerpt from the second novel by Author G. D. Grace



The closer Peewee got to me, the more my heart began to race.  Once we were face to face and he smiled, I breathed a sigh of relief. I asked him what brought him to Stanford Hospital and he told me he was there to meet his cousin for lunch.  In that I knew several people there I couldn’t imagine who he was related to because I prided myself on being in the know.

We did a soul-brotha shake and I told him that I was sorry about his brother getting hurt at my apartment.  He told me that Darrius’ injuries weren’t that serious, and thanked me for taking the high road in the matter.  I told him that I wasn’t going to press charges, but I couldn’t speak for the San Jose Police Department. He said he definitely understood.

“Marco, my brother has been a pain in my ass ever since we were younger.  I told him long ago that he didn’t have the street-smarts to get into the business I was into, and he sure as hell didn’t have the temperament for it.  He’s an asshole and he’s lucky he didn’t get himself killed,” he said.

It shocked the hell out of me hearing him talk about his little brother like this.  I never would have guessed he felt like this about him (Lord knows damn near everybody in the neighborhood knew Darrius was a wanna-be-baller).

“Peewee, I appreciate your honesty and have a new respect for you, bro,” I told him.

What I didn’t tell him though is that I didn’t have any respect for his line of business (drug dealer/gangbanger), but I wasn’t about to press my luck with that one.

“Hey, dude, you need to pull your pops’ coat tails, because he is living a foul ass life.  I stopped a few of my boys from getting up in his ass for messing around with their women, but I can’t control every nigga in the area,” he told me.

My father was like a thorn in my fucking side.  Loving him was a true test of patience because, ever since the divorce, he has acted so nasty towards my mother until it was starting to affect her mentally.  Danita told me that she cries a lot and refuses to go to a counselor.  My sister says that our mother thinks that counselors are for crazy people.

Hell we are crazy.  (LOL).

A lot of black people think that way, that’s why so many of them are walking around with so much inner turmoil and excess mental baggage.  I cannot speak for all families, but the ones I know have nothing but sorted histories, filled with everything from incest, molestation, and domestic violence —   I could go on with the list but you get the just of what I’m saying.

Peewee and I finished up our conversation, and I thanked him for looking out for my pops.

“Hey, cuz,” he said.

“Nigga, your ass is looking old as hell,” the familiar female voice said.


I turned around and sure enough, it was her.  How in the hell could I be friends with this woman for over two years and not know she was related to PeeWee.  Talk about six-degrees of separation.  As it turns out, Anita’s uncle, Rodney, was married to Anita’s mom for ten years (they had been divorced for five).

Anitta looked at PeeWee and me and asked, “You two know each other?”

“Yea, cuz, this brotha grew up in my neighborhood, I didn’t know you two knew each other either,” he said.

“Now ain’t that about a bitch,” She said, shaking her head with her hands on her hips.

“Well, you two enjoy your lunch,” I told them.

“You wanna roll with us?” PeeWee asked.

“No, thank you, I’ve got some more patients I need to check on,” I said, grateful I could use that excuse to decline.  I mean, let’s face it, I didn’t need to be getting too chummy with a drug dealer.  Lord knows, I didn’t need to be riding around in his car.  What if he had drugs on him?  What if somebody did a drive by on his ass?

Yea, I know, I might be a tad bit paranoid, but you know something, better safe than sorry.  I had to get Anita’s perspective on that.  I wondered if she even knew what her cousin’s real occupation was.

I was just about to head into Mrs. Weatherly room when my cell phone started to vibrate on the belt of my trousers.  I stopped a few inches shy of the door way to her room, looked down at the Caller ID screen, and when I saw the name, It took me back to Claim Jumpers and the fight.

“Hello, what’s up, man?” I asked.

“Regardless of how you may be feeling about me, dude, I just need to know, are we going to get this shit straight between Tootchie and Collin?” He asked, skipping all formalities.

I knew this nigga didn’t call about that, he wanted to check in with me.  I pondered over whether to trip his ass up and point blank ask him why he felt it necassary to use the “F” word whenever he got annoyed, and why he just didn’t come out and expose his true feelings.

“D’Andre, I’m not sure I even want to get into that one,” I said.

“He’s our boy, Marco,” he said, trying to convince me to join him on his Maury Povich journey (You know, blank-blank, you are not the father — that ghetto ass talk show).

I paused.

“Hell, are you still there, Marco” he asked.

“Yea, I’m here, D, but like I said, that baby business is none of my business and I’m tired of making everybody’s business, my business,” I said, sounding a bit redundant.


You know something, I was so sick of this motherfucker treating me like a damn telephone solicitor.  He hung up on me again, but this time, I wasn’t about to let it go.

I dialed his number.

It started ringing….


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Ripped & Ready *Season 1* (Part 71) – excerpt from the second novel by Author G. D. Grace



If you gotta fuck someone up then you better have on the correct armor and be totting the sharpest sword.  Like I said, this mangy mutt was about to get an upper cut in the gut, and a right cross to the jaw.  Without a doubt I was dealing with a precarious piece of rat who was about to be straight road-kill.  This situation smelled bad here and it was time to fumigate.

I watched Joseph as he walked down the hallway with little man on his shoulder. After seeing how Joe-Joe Jr. sweetly waved at me I felt a surge of paternal strength  kick in. Yes, I was in the refueling process and I was rolling up my sleeves.  Once I heard the door close behind them I shifted my attention back to this troll who had removed his shoes and parked his two cotton cloaked Cadillac’s onto my glass coffee table.

All the hairs on the back of my neck stood up just like they did at Big Bank Hanks’ place when that foul mouth parrot screeched out bitch for the first time.  I swiftly moved over towards where he was sitting on my long, leather sofa.  I stuck out my index finger and dug it into his chest.

“I’m going to say this one more time, Lance, keep your “got-dayum” pavement beaters off of my muthafucking glass table,” I said, digging into his chest for emphasis.

When he went to rise up, I used all the irritation inside of me and sent it into the tip of my finger.  “Sit your retarded ass down before I send your ass packing on that short yellow bus, bitch,” I said, gritting my teeth.

He looked up at me with a cocked mouth grin.

“Damn, I like you like this, Brotha Marco,” he said.

A chill went down my back.

Was this a coincidence or did this motherfucker just call me the same thing that Peewee kept calling me?

“Play this mutherfuka until it ends, Brotha Marco,” he said, pursing his lips sending me an air-borne kiss.


Before I had a chance to respond to his comments, Joseph reappeared.

“There you two go again,” he said, carrying a pillow and a blanket for Lance.

“Here you go, Lance, hopefully you’re going to be comfortable,” Joseph told him.

I heard the two of them talking back and forth but the only thing that kept racing through my mind was his connection to Peewee and Darrius and what the fuck did that saying mean?

Play that muthafucka to the end.

Play that muthafucka to the end.

I rewound back to that early morning when Darrius had appeared out of the blue, brandishing a gun and threatening to kill me.

I realized I wasn’t fucking around with an amateur – he had ties to the Anthill Mob, but I couldn’t figure out what the big plan was?

Did it have anything to do with Collin?

Was Darrius and Peewee still out to get him?

What was my role in their scheme?

Over the last couple of years I had gotten some schooling about life in the streets, however, I was nowhere near the professional that these mutherfuckers were.  I didn’t know how, but I had to get Lance Livingston out of our lives.  It was one of those moments when you just knew that it would get worse before it got better.  I had a family to protect and I could not do it with witty words alone, I needed to bring out some steel (And I ain’t talkin’ about no steel magnolias either).

I watched Joseph as he tucked Lance in on the couch.  I was so consumed in thought that my ears had stopped working.

“Baby,” he called once.

“Baby,” he called me twice.

“Marco, baby, what’s got your mind so consumed right now,” Joseph asked, grabbing me around the waist, pulling me into his body.

“Oh, just something at work,” I said, prevaricating my ass off.

“What is it, Brotha Marco, perhaps you can run it by me.  I’m very good at taking care of business,” he said, smiling at me knowing that, for right now, things were just between us.

“Aww, no, it’s cool.  There’s a rodent problem there and I was trying to come up with a plan to get rid of them, that’s all,” I said, leering at him.

You could catch most rats with cheese, but to catch this one I needed more than a dairy product.

“Well, just know that with most rats, you really need an “A” game strategy, Brotha Marco, and I’m good with strategy.  I’m second in command in that department he said,” in a sinister tone.

Right, so now this motherfucker was letting me know his rank in the Anthill Mobb.  Well, he wasn’t the only one with a few tricks because I had a few of my own.  If I wasn’t so scared of getting put away for life, I would smoke this fool right here as he slept.

Tick motherfucking Tock!

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(Psalms 30:5)

Author G. D. Grace reserves all rights and reproduction without written permission is not permitted.  If found, legal action will be taken against the person(s) or company(s) that have cut or pasted (Plagiarized) any portion of this written document.  Author, G. D. Grace; Published © 2010 February 



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2009-11-09 17:42:20
Texas Girl ,

Damn so are you telling me that lance is trying to get rid of marco by gett PeeWee to mess with him?? and I was almost bout to get mad at you but you made up for it by putting these 3 chapters up!!! Good looking
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