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Dwight “Heavy D” Myers May 24th, 1967 – Nov 11th, 2011

Dwight “Heavy D” Myers –
There are certain transitions that really hit me hard, man, and yours was one of them.

So full of life were you.

I remember you in Janet Jackson’s “Alright” video, and in the late Michael Jackson’s “Jam” video.

I really  love what MC Hammer said, when he said “…you were what is good about life…”, and a truth like that is undeniable.

Today, I realized that we were born on the same day (you a few years after me — lol).  So, you have transitioned to the other side.

Well, for the music, for the joy, for the smiles, for the laughter,

I thank you, and send my prayers and condolences out to your friends, family, and fans all around the world.


Remember Dwight “Heavy D” Myers:

Janet Jackson’s “Alright”

Michael Jackson’s “Jam”

Official: Heavy D Funeral Song

Anthony Anderson’s explosive web series, “Anacostia”

I just got through viewing the last three episodes from season 2 of Anthony Anderson’s riveting web series, “Anacostia“, and I have to tell you that I am amazed by his creative gift of bringing dramatic cinema to life.  The cast is an array of talented women and men who literary become the characters they portray, and it makes their performances believable.

In this series you have couples dealing with some very intense issues from alcoholism, betrayal, prostitution, black mail, infidelity, domestic violence, mental instabilities, rape, and deceit.  As you can imagine, all of these issues yield a bevy of dangerous and emotionally disturbing circumstances that are intertwined into plots that leave you wanting more.

Another appealing aspect of “Anacostia” is the beautiful location where it is filmed, so addition to a great story line you really get a birds eye view of this lovely city located in Washington, D. C.  When I first started watching this series I had no idea that “Anacostia” was an actual city, and now I have a burning desire to visit the east coast as a tourist and see it for myself.

The other thing I loved about this series is that it wasn’t afraid to explore the lives of an African American, same gender loving couple which  is really a breath of fresh air.  Because “Anacostia” is filled with drama and intrigue, this couple’s life has it’s own share of upheaval as well but, as I mentioned, I love the fact that Anthony chose to include them into the series.

Anacostia” just concluded season 2, and Anthony Anderson confirmed on the Vimeo website that there will be a season 3, and that is music to my ears.

If you are looking to fill that dramatic void within you, I highly recommend you drop by Vimeo and check out this exciting web series.  Make sure you register and leave comments because we writers are inspired by them.

I know Anthony Anderson will soon be a heavy weight in cinematic expression.

Author/Blog Talk Radio Producer, G. D. Grace

VIMEO Website for “Anacostia” the web series:

(Type in Anacostia and it will take you to the link for the web series)

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“Down In The Delta” Movie review by Author, G. D. Grace

Down in the Delta [VHS]

Released in 1998, “Down In The Delta” is a riveting story about the struggles within a family.  It deals with issues that range from substance abuse and the havoc it reeks on the addict and their loved ones, a child with autism and the guilt that sometimes attaches itself to a parent who feels helpless, Alzheimer’s Disease and the fears it invokes on the spirit of family, but most of all it shows how real love and sincere faith are the strongest of bonds that hold a family together.

The most touching part of this story is the tale of “Nathan“, a sterling silver candle holder that has been passed down over the generations.  The climax of this heartwarming story is when the mother who struggles to overcome substance abuse discovers why “Nathan” was the name given to this family treasure.

I won’t spoil the secret, I’ll let you watch it for yourself to see if you’ll feel the same breathtaking emotions I felt when I learned the truth about “Nathan“.

Down In The Delta” is not a black story, it’s a family story that people from all cultures will be able to identify with.   It stars the fabulous, Alfre Woodard, the witty Loretta Divine, the charismatic and late Al Freeman Jr, the eloquent and classy Mary Alice, and last but certainly not least, the sometimes infamous, but extremely talented, Welsey Snipes.

TV One aired it tonight, but it’s been on BET and other cable channels over the years.  It’s one that you’d be proud to watch with your entire family.  In some parts it can be a real tear jerker.  If you want something different than what is being pummeled at our spirits through the major networks, purchase “Down In The Delta” on DVD and make it one that you watch once a year to remind yourself and your loved ones what family is truly all about.

Amazon Link

“Believe” by the group “Sunday” from “Down in the Delta”

youtube link:

This is Author, G. D. Grace, telling it like “T I IS”

God’s joy to all

Author G. D. Grace reserves all rights and reproduction without written permission is not permitted.  If found, legal action will be taken against the person(s) or company(s) that have cut or pasted (Plagiarized) any portion of this written document.  Author, G. D. Grace; Published © 2010 August

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