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“Inspired by God & You” by De’Bora Brown-Brooks

“Letting Go”

18 years ago, on this day I was incarcerated in the County Jail. Looking, waiting to spend 10-15 years in jail. I had been arrested on July 24th, and new I had played my last hand. There was no more fight in me. I was done! I had called out to God, and His response was for me to be where I was. For the 1st time in years, I was ready and willing to accept the consequences of my behavior. What a revelation! I was so tired, so afraid, so raggedy that being in jail was a step up. Of course, I had no idea what His plans for me were {Jeremiah 29:11}, but I knew it was better than anything I could come up with. Should I shout now, or ya’ll wanna here more? Well, needless to say I was sitting there amongst other women who were cussing, fussing, who were of course “innocent”, and this time I was not joining in. Wow! I didn’t call my family{I should have}, because I didn’t want a lawyer, I had no more lies or excuses in me, so I isolated from the outside world. I had not seen my oldest boys in years, and my youngest in months. How wretched I felt, but again, I could not/would not blame anyone else…not this time. I sat in the County for 89 days, before I got indicted. I knew I had open cases, and probation violations and it was expected, I still had peace. I was at last safe. See I knew if I left jail before God said I could, I would die. I left it all up to Him. My 1st real show of Faith. On October 26th, 1993 I went to court. Before the Judge I stood and as he read the charges, I prayed “Lord Your will not mine” I was sentenced to 2-10 twice, 3-15, and a 4-15. I fainted! When they finally revived me, I was told that one had been dismissed and the others had been suspended. I was given 1 year probation and treatment. “Thy Will Be Done!” I am here today, because I Let Go. I can Stand today, because I Let Go! I am who I am today, because of Who He Is.

I am thankful, I am sober, I am free.

Saved Sober Serene

Written by Me

Inspired by God & You


De’Bora Brown-Brooks reserves all rights and reproduction without written permission is not permitted.  If found, legal action will be taken against the person(s) or company(s) that have cut or pasted (Plagiarized) any portion of this written document.  De’Bora Brown-Brooks; Published © 2011 August

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Andre “Versatile” Hunter – Music Mogul a G. D. Grace Interview

The historical and powerful idiom, “Young, Gifted & Black” is a phrase that personifies one with extraordinary abilities, and in this particular case that one is a rising, young, music mogul who goes by the aptly deemed name of  Andre “Versatile” Hunter.

Born in Springfield, MA and now based out of Chicago, Illinois, his gypsy-like existence has him frequenting many areas throughout the states, including Canada and overseas.  Currently he is on Ameilia Island (Fernandina Beach, FL) – Miami FL is also included in his Florida stop.  In addition to cities in Florida, Atlanta GA is also a state and city that he parks his suitcases at from time to time.

When asked about his grueling traveling schedule, he simply states that he makes himself available for all inquiries, collaborations, performances and appearances.  He revealed that he is about to embark on a tour called “The Versatile Xperience” bka “The VX” which will target cities, states, and provinces that he has traveled to before and received the most love, but he is also reaching out and extending his entertainment travels to areas that would have otherwise not been capable of landing major acts.  His flexibility and openness to play for big-budget venues and small intimate ones allow fans of all economic means the opportunity to see him perform.  He added that he wants the world to know him and that he aspires to become a household name, known for tastefully rich and honest entertainment.

Hunter’s zeal to compose music was ignited by the people in his surroundings who lived their lives through music; he elaborated by saying that his mother and father kept the household flowing with it, and that his mother’s voice was comparable to Whitney Houston when she was at the top of her game.  He shared another fond memory of how he was awakened at his aunt’s house one night, and asked to sing Houston’s “You Give Good Love”, which he flawlessly nailed.

His natural musicianship and vocal abilities seem to be a family trait, for he is part of a bloodline that includes his talented relatives (his mother’s cousins) who were part of a successful 70’s R&B Group called Tavares.  Tavares’ hits included, “Heaven Must be Missing an Angel”, “Never Had a Love Like This Before”, “It Only Takes a Minute”, and last, but certainly not least “More Than a Woman” which appeared on the record breaking soundtrack for Saturday Night Fever”, a movie starring a young John Travolta.

For the impressionably gifted tyke, musical expression became a place of peace and solace. Whenever he felt lonely or hurt, angry or sad, music always soothed and lifted his spirits, something that it still does this very day.  He says that once he zones out and, (In the words of the superstar rapper and business CEO, Jay-Z), starts murmuring and mumbling words to a beat; the ideas formulate and what might take many upwards of hours and up to a week(s) to complete; sometimes in 30 minutes, or up to a couple of hours perfectly, depending on the complexity of the arrangement. When beat making, he can make a high quality, big sounding instrumental right in front of your very eyes, whether it’s hummed or beat-boxed in as little as 15 minutes but, again, it pretty much depends on the complexity of the composition. He further adds that his talent is not a gimmick and that he has plenty of eye-witnesses that can attest to his genius. Hunter states that music is, indeed, in his blood, that God saw fit to bless him with his a gift he cultivated without any formal training or schooling — all he has ever sacrificed is sleep from a radical drive that most would call crazy and, perhaps, even wonder how he is capable of functioning after being awake for so many hours.

When asked which title he most identifies with, this multifaceted musical force says that producing and composing are intertwined as one, so he’s somewhat of a chameleon when it comes to melodic and lyrical composition.  The stimulation, he says, also comes from a poignant place within, so life, love and happiness (or even the lack thereof) boosts his imaginative energy.  Hunter feels that he has gone through quite a bit in his young life, and that jaws would literally be dropping if he revealed details of the highs and lows he has encountered on his journey.

Every experience, he says, empties out what has accumulated inside of soul and finds a new home inside the expressive corridors of his musical compositions.  His desire is to bring hope to others whom have gone through similar struggles, or ones all their own.  His passion is wrought with sincerity and he driven to create relatable music for anyone to identify with. He feels that, instead of delving in destructive or nonproductive activities, there are those who’ll turn to music as an escape to be inspired or consoled and, again, that is what fuels his ambition.   Andre believes that anyone can rise to their full potential and make their dreams happen as long as they stay progressively motivated and diligently focused in their efforts.  Regardless of how broken someone’s spirit may be, with a little bit of cultivation and direction that person can rise from the ashes and soar beyond even their own expectations.

Hunter is currently an independent artist and the CEO of the entertainment company that he himself founded; which allows him the freedom to control his destiny and also cultivate other talent; however, when he finds the right management team he plans on negotiating a contract with a major recording company that will, in turn, open doors for not only him, but also the artists that he supports as well.  Based on his observations about the business, there are too many talented people being overlooked and he is not someone interested in counting anyone out.  This is the main reason why he pushes himself as hard as he does – handling the workload of an entire company, to prove that being multifaceted will allow one to create their own opportunities and set their own rules.

Point blank;  if you want something bad enough you’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

In doing whatever it takes, Andre’s “Versatile” musicianship allows him to not only play keyboards, but also to utilize “every studio device known to man.” He went a step further by adding: “If I’m not familiar with it, give me a few days with it, and by the time you get back, I will be!” That versatility extends over to the genres of music he not only composes but also listens to.  Some of  his favorite singers and musical groups are: Ginuwine, Earth Wind & Fire, Freddie Jackson, Luther Vandross, Biggie, Tupac, Bow Wow, Usher, Jermaine Dupree, Jagged Edge, The Cranberries, Guns & Roses, Bon Jovi, Jimmy Buffett, Jeffery Osborne, The Verge, Savage Garden….   This list goes on and on – hence the middle name “Versatile”.

His musical tastes may be vast, but his creative process is pretty simple: Hunter vibes to whatever it is he is creating.  The mood of the music determines the aura within the studio – he generally likes feeding off of live interactions that encompasses everyone’s essence to make them a part of his creative process. In that creating music is somewhat of a spiritual process, he adds that he believes in both the Father of man and his Son, he humbly knows that no one is perfect and that we all fall short of the Glory of God.

His current musical project is entitled “Q. & A: Pt. 1” and he is also working on a soundtrack for his upcoming book.  The innovative tour he is about to embark is the basis for this soundtrack and he is currently accepting submissions  from artists worldwide.  Those he deems as being the “Perfect Fit” will have the opportunity to tour with Hunter, covering geographic regions that include their own as well as others who will be touring also. The entire “Versatility” concept is to send a message that the performances are universal without limitations or locations.

The marketing avenues he uses to promote his music and projects are comprised of social networking, the distribution of CD’s, online stores, specialized fliers and posters with graphics designed by Hunter, the tried and true word-of-mouth method (family and friends), numerous media forums, established industry-relationships, as well as, performances and special appearances.  His open-mindedness leaves room for any inside industry personnel to share their vast knowledge and insight to help deepen his footprint in the sands walked by many phenomenal artists in the competitive recording world.  Youthful wisdom assures him that, in the beginning, no one will brand you better than you; however, those who are willing to help are welcomed assets on his ambitious musical endeavors. .

Andre “Versatile” Hunter’s star is on the rise; he states that he has rubbed shoulders with many well known names in the business, but the most memorable moment came when, after waiting so long, he finally met singer/actor Ginuwine.  He remembers always being in his shadow, and even remembers how many folks swore that the two of them were related – they even said that his singing style mirrored Ginuwine’s, and Hunter confidently echoes their sentiments.

Hunter is a delightfully gifted young man on a marvelous musical mission, and is also a rising music mogul on the cusp of stellar success and longevity in the glamorous world of entertainment. The last question he was asked, is what he wants his current and future listeners to know about him, the artist.  He pretty much says that the name fits the artist, and that with every piece of his work you will always have a part of him.  He promises you that the music will consistently be real and that he isn’t out just to make a hit, he wants his music to be inspirational compositions for the heart and soul.

He wants everyone to know; established artists, as well as, producers and record labels – anyone that is looking to build bridges, a “Versatile” start is the way to go.  He offers services in production, mixing, mastering, duplication, media & graphic design, DJ’ing on location, signature “Chopped & ReVerSatillized”, and most importantly, to express the fact that, any collaboration with Versatile & D-lux Entertainment will electrify any venue and bring the house down; “You will not be disappointed”.

In closing out this insightful interview, Andre was asked what his biggest thrill has been so far as a recording artist.  He responded by saying that being accepted and embraced by radio personalities, athletes, magazines, local and overseas entertainment personalities, has been an extreme adrenaline rush and profound encouragement to him.  The natural high you feel knowing that others are truly enjoying what you’ve created is, indeed, a humbling and sometimes overwhelming experience.

To purchase Andre “Versatile” Hunter’s music, visit any of the links below:

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André “Versatile” Hunter

D-lux Entertainment


Skype: DluxCEO or VersatileMusic

c: 912-322-6792

Versatile’s new cd “Q&A: Pt. 1” is now available on iTunes! Get your copy NOW!

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Author G. D. Grace reserves all rights and reproduction without written permission is not permitted.  If found, legal action will be taken against the person(s) or company(s) that have cut or pasted (Plagiarized) any portion of this written document.  Author, G. D. Grace; Published © 2010 November

Interview with Tasonn Haynes, Author of “Broken Gem”

 The crimson plasma flowing through the veins of a writer has elements of inspiration, passion and creativity. Those extraordinary essentials are often times the motivating vigor behind an imagination and desire to colorfully paint in the written word, ideas and thoughts that some choose to only speak or recite. The pulse of a writer is laced with visionary expression and it trickles down into the hands to generate insightful, poetic, enlightening, and compelling storylines.  The art of literary composition is a divine gift, and has healing powers.

Broken Gem” is the recently released novel by a remarkable young man by the name of Tasonn Haynes, and his incredible journey as a writer is both inspiring and encouraging to readers and fellow authors alike.  His life’s light first spewed it’s hue in his birth place of New Haven, Connecticut, a place where he still resides and calls home.  He is the proud and humbled father of an amazing little girl that he is raising.  Of all his accomplishments, she is, by far, his number one joy.  He feels that if he can consistently provide her with positivity and lead by example, then he truly has accomplished something extremely significant in this life.

His genuine love for writing stems from his desires to be a vessel that can take people to places where they can learn lessons from the stories he creates. The inspiration behind this particular novel came from a maternal place, his mother’s strength, a mother that passed away two years ago. When he reflects on her courage as a human being, he describes her as being “wonderfully dynamic, and the epitome of a person who was met with tremendous adversity in her life, adversity that she always found a way to rise above and beyond.”  He said that she always gave the best advice; the honesty, love and strength she demonstrated in her short life, drove him as he wrote Broken Gem.

A creative spirit has always lurked around in the corridors of Tasonn’s heart and because he channels and takes in all of the things and experiences around him, he utilized that gift to quench his thirst for creation by writing poems, short stories, and ultimately his first novel.  The writing process for this young author is mood stimulated. Tasonn likes being in a dark room with candles lit and music playing to climb aboard the imaginative literary train, and within this relaxed and peaceful atmosphere is where his creativity is allowed to flow – serenity is the key for him, he says.

When asked if he is a spiritual person, he states that he is and has a personal relationship with God, but is more of a private person by nature, so he is not one to advertise his spirituality.  He does, however, want his readers to know that he is, indeed, spiritual and his beliefs keep him grounded.  This spiritual connection extends into “Broken Gem”, a story rich with his love for symbolism; the protagonist’s name being Sapphire is a perfect example.  The complex character he writes about is damaged emotionally, but no one could see a parallel between her life and that of a damaged or broken gem.

The message that he is trying to convey to his growing readership is the importance of connecting with different people to learn from them; life is complicated and every little decision will have its own ramifications, so we must always learn to make the right decisions because they usually affect others in a variety of ways. With this in mind, his targeted audience is pretty much anyone who loves literature and gripping storyline, but feels that women will really be captivated by “Broken Gem”, because it delves deeply into the subjects of marriage and infidelity.

His response to the question of what separates him from other authors is his individual voice; he feels that he has a unique way of weaving a storyline and a special talent for poetic phrasing.  He quickly adds though, that he doesn’t necessarily believe he is a one in a million type of an author, however, he does think that his approach is effective.   His style of writing is his own, and his favorite authors are Alice Walker and E. Lynn Harris; Alice because of her amazing and masterfully written novel The Color Purple, and short story entitled “Abortion” and E. Lynn Harris because for the contemporary way he wrote and wove in characters that you couldn’t help but identify with.

On this business side of the creative endeavor, Tasonn is a self published author through J. L. King’s publishing company.  He is marketing his book via social networking and blogging sites, as well as, via word of mouth. He is also looking to sell his book through Amazon to reach a larger audience.  He most recently had his first book signing release party on July 18th, 2010 in his hometown, and he is also awaiting word from HueMan Book store in Harlem NY.

Broken Gem” can currently be purchased at where all orders are shipped priority mail.  Also at the website, you can preview Chapter 1 of his amazing literary project.  Future aspirations for this talented young man are written in the stars; Hollywood that is, he wants to one day see his story on the silver screen – he wants the entire world to see his story, as well as, read it.  Now who will play the role of Sapphire Taylor?  Only time will tell.

As with any writer, with storylines in the blood, Tasonn Haynes want to continue to produce art that the masses can enjoy, and all I can say is, my ambitious young “brotha”, shoot for the stars…

Interview with Michael Conliffe, Author of “Hotter Than The Streetlife”

Being incarcerated for making bad choices can either make or break you based on where your head is while in confinement, so it’s really a personal decision on whether you’ll choose a better road upon release, or continue down that same rocky path that landed you behind bars. Well, thankfully, self-published Author, Michael Conliffe, used that situation to reclaim his life and the end result was a novel based on his personal recounts of life on the dangerous streets of an American inner-city entitled, “Hotter Than The Streetlife”.

Michael’s first breaths were taken in Harvey, Illinois, his birthplace, at Ingalls Hospital and he is currently living in Atlanta, Georgia.  He is currently a single father raising an eleven year old daughter, which is something that deserves recognition and praise, because there are many father’s who aren’t a part of their children’s lives at all, and here we have one raising one alone.  It is without a doubt a selfless and courageous act for anyone to raise a child alone, but he is amongst those “brothas” out there breaking the mold and changing society’s negative views about African-American men – especially young African-American men.

Eloquently put, as a consummate writer, he describes his process of redemption as the rehabilitation in his way of thinking. He said that he started looking at the world in another light, and not the way that many who know him would have expected him to.  He stated that he realized the trap that he had allowed himself to fall into, a trap that so many young black men have fallen into.  He further elaborated calling it a web that he was tangled in, he was a parolee who was about to be caught in a continuous cycle of arrest and then imprisonment.

An avid believer of the old saying that “Everything happens for a reason”, he wasn’t angry at the situations that placed him in the predicament he was in, because he humbly feels that they are responsible for making him the man he is today.  Yesterday’s Michael was leading a life that would land him in one of two places, the grave or back in prison, but today’s Michael is one inspired to uplift and motivate other young minds who are playing integral parts in destroying inner-city communities.  He knows that he isn’t where he wants to be, but he is most certainly not where he was once at.  He believes that his faith in God helped him find his true purpose in life and, if you’re a believer in the All Mighty, then you’ll know it is, indeed, an epiphany when the spirit fills you up and shows you the way.

An ardent love of cinema, urban novels, videos and music, inspired him to begin the walk on this literary journey.  Watching, what he felt is questionable entertainment, motivated him to create story lines that didn’t glorify the lifestyle that so many are succumbing to.  The choices in programming that mainstream media chooses to thrust into the minds of the public and most certainly the impressionable youth struck a chord in him – he felt that he had enough experience to paint an accurate picture of the gritty darkness of street life, and hoped that it would help deter others from making the same mistakes that he had made – perhaps even save some lives along the way.

He readily admits that prior to being incarcerated, he never even thought about writing, but while he was inside looking out at the world from behind the cold, metal bars, his passion took flight and the writer within him was born.  As far as that special “niche” he feels that it is his ability to create story lines that, honestly, portrays “the good, the bad, and the in between”, and he’s ambitiously pursing a readership that, he feels, too many don’t consider to be intelligent enough to be readers, the individuals that society looks down on based, solely, on the life that these individuals are living.

That said, the message that he is trying to convey to readers is that there is another way to dwell here on this planet.  He wants to express to them that the “so-called” life that is being promoted in these “Hood Movies” is only a fantasy.  His compassion for people is heart deep, and he wants to be a part of a movement aimed at stopping the brainwashing, showing them the blatant and harsh realities, as well as, the very real consequences of involvement with criminal activities.  He feels that once a person’s mind is open and can see all that is, then, perhaps, change for the better can begin.

His targeted audience, again, are those involved in, or headed towards an illegal lifestyle.  The author in him wants everyone to read his work, however, he is trying to reach people with a certain mentality  whom are destroying themselves, the communities they reside in, as well as, dimming the spirit of a great race of people, African-Americans.  In the news are tales of murder, mayhem, distress and poverty, and his motivation is to resurrect the determination and solidarity that was once part of the culture during the civil rights movement, a time when blacks were not even allowed to drink from the same water fountain as a white person.

Michael says that he really doesn’t have a favorite author because all of them have their own flavor to them, but he also stated that since he has become a part of this literary community he does enjoy reading the works of many up and coming authors on the scene. He feels it’s most likely the drive and passion behind the new authors that he finds most appealing and interesting.  As far as his personal writing process, he pretty much just waits for inspiration to hit him and once it does he just soars like an eagle from there – sometimes this inspiration hits him in the form of quotes from other writers, who give him encouragement without knowing it (He thanked fellow author, G. D. Grace, whose words are amongst those that have inspired him).  Sometimes he just sits in the park watching life unfold or in a crowded area where he’ll just scribble down thoughts and ideas; he feels he gets more accomplished when he’s out of the house and not around the distractions that can be caused by television or the computer.

Spirituality is another part of Michael’s soul, and he knows that he didn’t make it through his transgressions alone – he believes in a higher power, and he prayed throughout his dilemma and still prays on a continuous basis, for strength and courage to always stay in the positive and creative.

The title of his novel, “Hotter Than The Streetlife” came to be, he says, after quietly listening to many inmates lying about their experiences, and how they were going to go right back to doing the same thing that got them there once they were released.  After hearing these tawdry tales of mindless, systematic rhetoric, he kept reciting to himself that there has got to be something “Hotter Than The Streetlife”, and the title stuck.  He says it is a befitting name because there are hidden messages throughout the entire novel telling the reader that there are other things “Hotter Than The Streetlife”.

As a self published author, his marketing scheme of promoting his project is pretty much the old reliable, “World-Of-Mouth” promotion, as well as, social networking, being featured in various prison catalogs that promote authors, the street salesman hustle of passing out bookmarks, and he says he is implementing new promotion methods each day. His determination is unyielding, and his ambition is unstoppable.

His aspirations in the literary world are vast; he wants to develop stage-plays, movies, and sitcoms, which, he feels, will make it easier for him to reach his targeted market.  Even though he feels that the world may not be ready for his work, he knows that what he has to say is necessary during these times of destructive activities – black on black crime has become a plague of epic proportions.  He furthermore feels that a “Thug thinking outside of the box” is also something the world isn’t really prepared to embrace, but it is a creative itch that is need of a serious scratching – incarceration is not the time when this needs to be handled, it should be prior to someone being locked away for life or murdered in the prime of their life.

Currently there are no book signing events on the horizon, but he is diligently getting his book out there for the masses and, for some strange reason, his literary quest is taking “a lane of its own”, he says.  Book signings are certainly not out of the question and he plans to do some later on down the line once he has grown his audience by a few more thousand and have sold more books.

To purchase “Hotter Than Streetlife” visit the link:

Ladies and gentlemen, Author, Michael Conliffe is on the scene.

Author, Barbara Grovner (BIO)

Barbara Grovner is a graduate of Northeast Broadcasting School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She has raised three children, who are grown with families of their own. She lives in Florida with her husband where she writes full-time, and is currently working on the second in the WE BELONG TOGETHER series.

WE BELONG TOGETHER is her second novel, and  EVEN NUMBERS is her first. It is a story of a young girl who was molested by her father and then ultimately raised by him. She would like to keep the subject of child molestation and child rape in the forefront of our minds.

“We Belong Together”

Inner Vision Books link:

Amazon Link:




I was first introduced to Grovner when I read her first book, EVEN NUMBERS. I knew from early on in the book that Grovner was definitely a talented author and I wondered what she had up her sleeve next. Never would I have imagined a story like the one that unfolded in WE BELONG TOGETHER.

Without giving away too much of the story, I’ll say this, WE BELONG TOGETHER is filled with drama, suspense, and twists and turns that make your jaw drop with the turn of every page. If you don’t have this book in your library, I strongly advise that you order it today.

Job well done, Barbara!

Linda R. Herman

The sophomore novel from Barbara Grovner will definitely have you on the edge of your seat because that was the same effect it had on me! It took me through a roller coaster ride of emotions and I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an intriguing read that they will not be able to put down! Great job!

Jessica A. Robinson

There are times when revenge takes over your life totally consuming every fiber of your being…that is what happens to Mavis Rollins. Years ago she lost her husband to the arms of a wealthy woman and when he died she continued watching her vowing revenge. Mavis suffered with mental illness but that didn’t stop her from raising her granddaughter, Sandy. Growing up Sandy heard all the stories about whom she would marry and what she should do with her life.

Sandy’s best friend, Kara, married Makai and the green-eyed devil raised his ugly head. But Sandy wasn’t the only one after Makai but they say what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you. Raayna, Kara’s sister, and Justin, a good friend, add flavor to this line up of characters. Sandy falls deeper into the hole of depression resenting the fact that Kara married her man but what would she do to make things right?

is an intriguing story of love, lust, and revenge. The character development is consistent with the twist and turns of the story – remarkable. Just like watching CSI, you have to keep alert when reading this suspenseful tale of vengeance and love. The action flows so fast that there are a few times when it is hard to distinguish what viewpoint is being told but that doesn’t overshadow this first-class read.

Delta Reviewer

Reviewing for Real Page Turners

Author, G. D. Grace; Published  2010 June

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