The literary craft is more than just scribbling a few words down on paper.  It goes beyond the simplistic scope of putting words together in sentences until they are completed paragraphs, because it encompasses the elements of vulnerability, honesty, and passion.

The writer known as Samuel D. Nichols was born August 1st, 1993 in a rapidly expanding south bay city called San Jose located in Northern California.  By the time he reached the tender age of four, his family relocated to Concord,  then onto to Walnut Creek where he was raised and still currently resides.  He discovered his interest in writing by the time he reached 8th grade, and it was then that he started to explore plots and literary concepts with his mind — it would further evolve into how he saw the world from his “writers” eyes.

In these early stages of his career, Samuel was intrigued with the works of established writers such as, Edgar Allen Poe because there was this  deep connection about Poe’s work that he felt he understood. He refers to the writer, Poe, as his hero because he truly feels like he was invited into Poe’s world.

The dark themes he chose to write about during that era were at a time when life had taken a turn for the worst life was just not turning for him. It was at this time that he was also drawn to a style of Japanese comics called “Manga”, developed in the late 19th century.  He stated that “Manga” swayed his thinking about life.  He used the inspiration he obtained from them to fuse and intertwine unpredictable twists and concepts into his stories.

On a final note, he wants his readers to know that he wakes up on a quest to survive the labors of day so that he can enjoy the peaceful slumber of night.  His current contribution to the literary world is entitled, “Bloody Chest”, and soon you will be granted full access into the imaginative mind of Samuel D. Nichols, as he whisks you into this wicked game of skill and chance.

Do you have the guts to play the game?

Author G D Grace is proud to present the young writer,  Samuel D. Nichols, to his elite circle of literary friends.  My hopes is that someone will encourage him as much as I, and share with him as much as you have shared with I, about this craft and about the true meaning of encouragement.  He was a just a little tyke when I first met him, and now he has grown into an interesting literary intellect, and I’m so very proud of him.  ~GD

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