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“…and these are…” (Reflections of a writer) GD

People never cease to amaze or surprise me.  I mean that in  multiple ways too, but the only one that’s important to me are the ones in that positive zone.Kind, encouraging, supportive, honest, loving, caring, compassionate…  yeah, those type of … Continue reading

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9-11 (Author G. D. Grace) Remembers…

To the innocent lives lost on a tragic day when “Twin Towers” & Air Planes fell and crashed.  To the families and friends left behind with the horrific memories of a day that will forever remain etched into the mind. … Continue reading

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“Bike Ride” a recount by Fernando Abaco

It feels so positive. I can recall the moment when I became one with the bike riding a country road with the wind brushing against my face and singing past my ears. I can see the tall grass rolling like … Continue reading

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