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I wanted to capture this encouraging message that someone from Facebook sent to me in my inbox this evening.  I suppose the reason why I feel compelled to share it is because I have really faced some tough economic challenges over the past few months, yet I seem to keep prospering and growing as a literary personality on “A Touch of Grace”, and my writing gift continues to churn out words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, and novels.  The fact that I’ve been able to accomplish all of this with very little capital inspires me to share my story to inspire others who may not have a lot of money, so that they know there are avenues out here that require little or no money that will allow you to follow your dream, if you are open to learn and invest time into what it is you want to achieve.

A little over year ago I had little knowledge about the literary world, all I had was a desire to write a book but I took advantage of everything available to me to become a self-published author.  After that first book was self-published back in September of 2009, I wrote and self published three others within a six month period that ran through March of 2010, and I self-published my fifth one about a month ago.  I used the house graphics supplied by the pay per print company, and my first novel with edited by a good friend who is extremely detail oriented.  When she couldn’t keep up with me, I began editing my own work (which in the literary world is sort of looked down upon).  Because I respect this art, I am moving towards delivering more polished projects that have the “professional” touch (i.e. editing, book covers that are designed especially for that book).

I also opened myself up to the kindness of strangers who selflessly offered suggestions that helped me learn how to increase traffic to my blog page, get started in blog talk radio, write up promotional posts that I use on my blog, as well as, how to market my work without pestering potential buyers by bombarding them with “buy my” work narratives.  I learned to let potential buyers click on the link if they’re interested in reading more of my work.  The biggest part of all of this is that I am always writing something to strengthen my skills.   When I get “a” sale I am the happiest man on the planet in that moment, because I actually write for a love of it.  I also host and produce the blog talk radio show out of a love for shinning the spotlight on gifted writers to bring attention to them and their work.

In the process of giving back, I have found that people give back to me and it’s just like that whole “circle of life” concept.  There are days when it gets discouraging because you wonder how you’re going to pay the bills and when all of the hard work will pay off, but then, God reveals himself subtly to assure you that if you continue doing what you’re doing, it will eventually happen for you.

When I see others helping and supporting one another it moves my spirit, and I have encountered many people on Facebook who are truly genuine individuals progressively motivated and focused.  I know who they are too because they never sleep.  They are always keeping their eyes on the prize, and those individuals know who they are because I make it a point of telling them how they inspire me.

Well, all of that said, here is the message I received this evening (the sender will remain anonymous because I was sent the message to my In-box).  I hope you find as much inspiration as I found in it when I read it, and to that person I humbly thank you for this gift of encouragement that you gave to me.

Thank you God for showing me that I am not alone.

You were destined for greatness. You were not brought into this world for failure. The light of God is in you. You have the victory. You have a right to live a prosperous life.”  — anonymous friend

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        I had a lot of love to give, but in a world where everything seemed to be more about wealth and personal gain, I suppose my heart was just as outdated as a typewriter. Longing for the way things used to be seemed to be a useless one, and with each passing day, I felt that more and more of my spirit was dying.  Whenever I was foolish enough to turn on the television, I was quickly reminded of why I had made a decision to limit what I watched on it.  Violence, wealth, and selfish acts seemed to be the common themes in the programming being presented to the masses.  

       Today I read where a 14 year old shot and killed his parents because he didn’t want to do his chores, and if that didn’t wake people up so that they could see where things were heading, I don’t know what was going to wake them up.  Then there were the child pageants where young girls, none above the age of 10 were being made up like beauty queens; make up, teased up hair, and bathing suits, competing for the title of beauty queen.  I couldn’t understand why parents couldn’t see that they were presenting their young girls on a silver platter to the likes of pedophiles and other perverted elements. 

       Nothing was making too much sense to me anymore.  Whenever I saw families with a large number of children without the means of supporting them, it chilled my heart and I wanted to scream out loud; I didn’t blame the children at all, I felt sorry for them because they were being born into poverty without a choice.  The middle class was crumbling before my eyes and the increase in violence was a reflection of how the line between the have and have-nots had gotten thicker. 

       People were desperate and, if you were naïve enough to believe that the politicians and the rich cared about you, then you really were a fool.  There were days when depression would consume me so much, until I could see myself taking an overdose of pills or slicing my wrists to end it all, but at the same time there was a burning drive in me to be one of the voices of hope and honesty, so that I could reach others who felt as lost as me. 

       I knew in reality that one person didn’t have enough power to create change for an entire planet, however, I did believe that it starts with one and if I at least tried to fight along with God’s angels for peace, love, and hope, then I would be a good courage and maybe my deeds would inspire others to remove their masks and see things for what they truly were. 

       We are amongst God’s most greatest creations, yet we sometimes get clouded by our own insecurities and fears and, instead of using our know how to better humanity’s existence, we become selfish and take on behaviors that will guarantee our own survival, forgetting that we are all inhabitants of this earth and if it fails, then we all will suffer.  I suppose I feel most disturbed at what will be left behind for the young, long after we’re gone. 

       The planet is ill, and the weather patterns are changing, and the increase in seismic activities assures me that it is getting impatient with humanity’s treatment of its animals, atmosphere, and landscape.  There was once a time when the lush mountains supplied animals with everything they needed to survive, but now they had to adjust their lives to fit into the ever changing eco system for the survival of themselves and their young. 

       Last night I saw a family of raccoons huddled around a corner sewer and it hurt my heart to see how our garbage is what they were feeding their off spring with.  That couldn’t be a good thing at all.  It’s no wonder that new diseases are cropping up daily without cures, and how animal diseases were infecting the human population and it really concerns me how not enough is being done to rectify the destructive path that we are all headed in. 

       My favorite video by an artist would have to be the one entitled “Earth Song”, recorded by the late, phenomenal, Michael Jackson.  It depicts a world where pollution and deforestation was stripping the planets resources, and it showed terrible images of human and animal suffering to a point where the world appeared to be in the thralls of an Armageddon.  In that same video it showed the reverse effect of mankind’s destructive actions, and at its climax, things turned around but, that was only a hopeful depiction of what might possibly be an unattainable possibility. 

       Random Acts is a therapeutic storyline for me, and it’s pure fiction, but I’m hoping that my intentions at telling this story of hope will let others who see things with their own two eyes know, that they are not alone with their frustrations and dismay and that love, kindness, and care about their fellow man,  are not relics to forget, they are actions that just might turn things around for the better, for the generations that will follow…

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