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If you love R&B Music from yesteryear and today, then you’ll love SoulTracks.  I stumbled upon this wonderful website while searching for music one afternoon back in 2008.  For a music lover like me, it was like striking gold in the golden hills of California again.  SoulTracks offers music lovers the option of purchasing hard to find music and the artist archive is absolutely mind-boggling.

You can find music from every period in R&B music, from The Temptations and The Four tops, to Donna Summer and Gloria Gayner, to The Debarges and The Deele, to Faith Evans and Mary J Blige, to Hall & Oats and George Michael, to Luther Vandross and Will Downing.  I only scratched the surface of what is available on this magnificent website.

In addition to well-known artists, SoulTracks also introduces you to other talented artists who are on the rise — it’s the place where I first heard of Heston Frances and his “Story Teller” CD and Darien with his “If These Walls Could Talk” CD.  The prices are surprisingly competitive and sometimes even lower than what you would find at non-online retailers, and the quality of the product is very good.

The added treat on this website is that it provides bios and up-to-dates statuses on many of the artists featured. If you know about SoulTracks, then you know what I’m talking about already; if you don’t, go on ahead and indulge in this musical smorgasbord.  Trust me, it will satisfy your musical appetite.

Link to SoulTracks:

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